Thursday, December 29, 2005

not usually one to share hand histories....

but how do you beat this kind of donkey play....

Hand #10100939-45687 at Tatooine ($10/$20 Hold'em)
Powered by UltimateBetStarted at 29/Dec/05 16:07:18
Drugs Delaney is at seat 0 with $461.
MVilla888 is at seat 1 with $1455.
mikesplace is at seat 2 with $135.
shorthy51 is at seat 4 with $296 (sitting out).
King_Kane is at seat 5 with $95.
Raevsleiker is at seat 6 with $517.
Eddie Felson is at seat 7 with $559.50.
teaguru is at seat 8 with $354.
HereForBeer is at seat 9 with $601.
The button is at seat 5.
Raevsleiker posts the small blind of $5.
Eddie Felson posts the big blind of $10.
Drugs Delaney: -- --
MVilla888: 2c 2h
mikesplace: -- --
King_Kane: -- --
Raevsleiker: -- --
Eddie Felson: -- --
teaguru: -- --
HereForBeer: -- --
Pre-flop: teaguru folds. HereForBeer folds. Drugs Delaney folds. MVilla888 raises to $20. mikesplace folds. King_Kane calls. Raevsleiker folds. Eddie Felson calls.

Flop (board: 8s 7c 2d): Eddie Felson checks. MVilla888 bets $10. King_Kane raises to $20. Eddie Felson calls. MVilla888 re-raises to $30. King_Kane calls. Eddie Felson calls.
**ok...I've flopped my set, get a raise from Kane and a call of my reraise from both of them.

Turn (board: 8s 7c 2d Kc): Eddie Felson checks. MVilla888 bets $20. King_Kane folds. Eddie Felson calls.
**the bets and raises didn't scare him away...what's he holding?

River (board: 8s 7c 2d Kc 9d): Eddie Felson checks. MVilla888 bets $20. Eddie Felson raises to $40. MVilla888 calls.
**WTF....I'm still thinking I have th ebest hand here....maybe he's slow playing AA or something...

Showdown: Eddie Felson shows Jh Tc.
Eddie Felson has Jh Tc 8s 7c 9d: straight, jack high.
WTF....chases a gut shot straight to the river and steals a $275 pot from me....
MVilla888 mucks cards. (MVilla888 has 2c 2h.)

I don't see anything I did wrong here...just unlucky that the donkey caught his 4 outer...I mean, if he chases a flush draw, or and open ended straight, I can see it, but a gut shot....who chases gut shot draws at a $10/20 table? At least I got off the table with a profit this afternoon after this beat and another one a few hands later...

Hand #10100939-45693 at Tatooine ($10/$20 Hold'em)
Powered by UltimateBetStarted at 29/Dec/05 16:11:42
Drugs Delaney is at seat 0 with $446.
MVilla888 is at seat 1 with $1240.
mikesplace is at seat 2 with $85.
Shooting Star is at seat 3 with $980.
shorthy51 is at seat 4 with $296 (sitting out).
King_Kane is at seat 5 with $125.
Raevsleiker is at seat 6 with $579.
Eddie Felson is at seat 7 with $706.50.
teaguru is at seat 8 with $569.
HereForBeer is at seat 9 with $531.
The button is at seat 1.
mikesplace posts the small blind of $5.
Shooting Star posts the big blind of $10.
Drugs Delaney: -- --
MVilla888: Qh Qc
mikesplace: -- --
Shooting Star: -- --
King_Kane: -- --
Raevsleiker: -- --
Eddie Felson: -- --
teaguru: -- --
HereForBeer: -- --

Pre-flop:King_Kane folds. Raevsleiker raises to $20. EddieFelson re-raises to $30. teaguru folds. HereForBeercalls. Drugs Delaney folds. MVilla888 re-raises to$40. mikesplace calls. Shooting Star folds.Raevsleiker calls. Eddie Felson calls. HereForBeercalls.

Flop (board: 3h 7c 6d):mikesplace checks. Raevsleiker checks. Eddie Felsonchecks. HereForBeer bets $10. MVilla888 raises to$20. mikesplace calls. Raevsleiker folds. EddieFelson calls. HereForBeer calls.

Turn (board: 3h 7c 6d 5d):mikesplace bets $20. Eddie Felson calls.HereForBeer calls. MVilla888 calls.

River (board: 3h 7c 6d 5d 5c):mikesplace goes all-in for $5. Eddie Felson completes to $20. HereForBeer calls. MVilla888 calls.

Showdown:mikesplace shows 7h 5h.
mikesplace has 7h 5h 7c 5d 5c: full house, fives full of sevens.
Eddie Felson shows 4h 4d.
Eddie Felson has 4h 3h 7c 6d 5d: straight, seven high.
HereForBeer mucks cards.(HereForBeer has Jh Jd.)
MVilla888 mucks cards.(MVilla888 has Qh Qc.)

Hand #10100939-45693
Summary:$3 is raked from a total pot of $435.
$3 is raked from the main pot of $390.
$0 is raked from side pot #1 of $45.
mikesplace wins the main pot $387 with full house, fives full of sevens.
Eddie Felson wins the side pot $45 with straight, seven high. I know I'm pretty much beat here after the turn as I had a feeling someone had sucked out a set or straight, but had to play the Qs down to the river with this board. Would have never guessed that someone would call down a capped pot with 5h7h from the BB and then chase his top pair into a full house....and notice that Eddie once again hit a gutshot straight draw to at least get a piece of the pot...sickening play at a $10/20 table.

But like I said, I still ended up for the session, so that's all I can ask for I guess.

Happy New Year all....ttfn.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

No toys, nuthin to do.....

And so I enter day 6 of my 11 day vacation...I could get sooooo used to sleeping in until 8-8:30 every day, grabbing a cup of coffee or tea, taking time to really read the newspaper and enjoy the morning. The girls (and Alan) have been great and its been so much fun staying home with them. Santa visited the house again this year and loaded the girls up on new toys and clothes...I received some new work shirts and ties...very stylish I might add, DVDs (mostly comedy) and Harrington on to follow in the next week or so.

Played a bit of poker over the last couple of days....ran into a table Monday night ($10/20) that soaked me for about $400 with tons of loose play and missed flops...lost one pot when I raised from EP with AKs, 2 late callers plus the BB, flop comes A, 10, 10 and the check to me...I bet, fold, call, call(BB)...turn hits a K and I figure I'm golden unless someone is slowplaying the set....check to me and I bet again with my top 2 pair, LP folds and BB raises me....uh, oh...there's the set or a straight...I call....river is a blank and he bets, I call, he flips over 7-10os for a nice pot and I steam over the loose call from the BB. A few hands later he catches a straight on the river to bust my QQ and then tells me to 'quit bluffing'...I told him I had QQ and would 'quit bluffing' when he quit playing garbage hands...he shut up and I left the table and the end of the circut and cut my losses at $400.

Have since made it back...hit a table yesterday morning for about $380, then a tight table for a short session last night for another $50, so I'm back where I started from on Monday all is right with the world of poker.

Have to get some errands taken care of today....oil change in car, return a couple of gifts, etc, etc. ttfn

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Happy Holidays

Not much to say today....trying to wind down the last day of work until January 3, sweet is that. No poker for the last few days other than a bar freeroll on Tuesday night...played through the first session, getting my chips in with AKs and getting called by the chip leader at the table from the BB with K4s and he flops a least his luck wore out and he didn;t win the session. The drinks were cheap, so that was a major bonus.

Hoping to play some poker on UB over the vacation, so will keep everyone updated on that. Also hoping to finalize plans for a LA trip in late Jan that may coincide with the LA Poker Classic at the Commerce...really hoping that works out. May be looking for some cheap accomidations if I can stay the weekend in LA....any bloggers have a cheap couch I could crash on?

Happy Holidays for everyone....ttfn.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Sometimes I can't stand the human race

Why is it that a subset of our population feels it is their duty to stick their nose into other people's business and 'save them from themselves'? We have groups out there that filter our TV programs (see the recent articles about NBC scrubbing the Pamela Anderson dance during Elton John's concert), put labels on our CDs about the lyrics, monitor the safety of our kids toys, have Christmas trees (yes...I said Christmas) removed from schools over their belief that it promotes the Christian religion, and now it is politically correct to say Happy Holidays when talking to strangers in public for fear of offending them.

Why do people feel the need to try and bend the will of the masses to their own twisted morality? This is America after all...."home of the FREE and brave"...while I acknowledge that everyone has the right to express their opinion about something...many are taking that a step too far and taking away someone else's rights....

I am a firm believer that we, as a society, are hindering the efforts of nature to naturally select out the weak and stupid from our population, thus allowing the propagation of sub-optimal genes in the gene pool, slowly weakening our race over time. Watch any nature channel and you'll see the lion catching the slowest antelope for dinner....removing the weak/slow/diseased animal from the herd and allowing the stronger genes to survive and multiply.

What do we do...put warning labels on screwdrivers to make sure someone doesn't stick it in their ear....or stand on the top of a ladder for risk of falling....if someone is stupid enough to put a screwdriver in their ear and jam it into their head...I say let em do it and remove the stupid gene from the gene pool. Is that wrong?????

What has prompted all of this....well, for one, the national news had a story last night that was implying how rampant online gambling/poker was becoming with teenagers and college students under the legal age for such activities. This was triggered by a story regarding an 18yr old that recently robbed a bank to try and pay off his $5k online gambling debt. The expert last night went so far as to state that compulsive gambling was not a habit, but a disease and should be treated as such. So...the kid had a disease that forced him into robbing the bank and we should feel sorry for him....what a bunch of BS. The kid got in over his head and probably ran up daddy's credit card bill with some donkey poker playing online and was afraid that daddy was going to whup his ass over he decides to rob and bank to pay off the debit....and he was in college to boot...real brains there.

As the 'bad' stories about online poker start to rise to the top, someone will get the bright idea that we need to protect ourselves from this terror and figure out a way to stop us from gambling online. To those that live in Vegas and big deal....for those of us that live in the gambling wasteland of would really suck. I just hope that it doesn't come to pass.

Enough ranting...time to get back to work now.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Monday again

The memories of Vegas are already starting to fade...and it's only been a week. I'm dilegently working on another trip to Vegas, possibly at the end of January if I can swing a 1-2 day layover while headed to LA for a week of supplier audits. Need to make the final arrangements for the trip and then see if I can swing the stop in Vegas without messing up the costs of the flights by too much. Possibly flying into Vegas on the 28th and then catching up with the rest of the audit team on the 20th in LA, so that would give me about 48hrs in Vegas...just enough time to hit the MGM Grand and Wynn again for some poker....and possibly allow me to storm the castle as well. Will keep you all posted if I can work out the details.

Only able to play a small bit of poker over the weekend...had a freeroll yesterday afternoon for the WAPT. Made it about halfway through the tourney as the chip leader, then lost a hand to a shortstack when my AKos was beaten by KQos and he sucked out a 4 flush on the river. I played through some card dead rounds and the blinds started eating away at my stack. I was down to about 4k (200-400 blinds) and found 10-10 on the button...pushed the stack, blinds both folded and one of the 2 early limpers called me with help came my way and I was out in the middle of the pack...first place was $75, so no huge loss, but $75 is still $75.

Played one quick session on UB of $10/20....picked up some solid hands and won about $300 in about a 30 minute very happy about that. Picked on some loose aggressive players to build some nice pots after flopping a set with AA, and then hitting a flopped straight on the next hand. Same guy called it down to the river with second pair against the set, and pocket KK against the flopped straight to help me make some decent cash. Bluffed out some of the tighter players after showing the good hands and picked up some blinds and small pots to round out the session. No complaints at all.

I have found that I have definately developed a calousness regarding my year ago, I would have never dreamed of sitting at a table woth $1k and playing poker...I was happy to have $100 in my bankroll and play at micro stakes to catch my poker fix for an hour or two. Now, I'm making a monthly car payment and financing trips to Vegas with my bankroll, not to mention plans to pay for eye surgery and hopefully a fun vacation for the wife and I this summer. So glad I've finally found a 'hobby' that is profitable and fun at the same time.

BTW, as I get closer to pulling the trigger on the eye surgery, I've been looking a sunglasses to purchase after the surgery. Any suggestions on brands/styles from any readers? I'll probably treat myself to a nice pair of sunglasses...Oakley, RayBan, etc....Probably polarized or mirroed to allow me to wear while driving and also while playing in the WSOP next least if plans work out for me to attend. Any advise welcome.


Friday, December 16, 2005

Week in review and Weekend preview

Been a busy week at the homestead...getting ready for Jen's family coming into town for thw eekend for some cookie baking and margarita drinking...can't wait. Have to finish cleaning up the house and getting everything ready for their arrival tonight and tomorrow, as there is still tons to do.

I was able to take advantage of a slow day at work yesterday and took a 1/2 day yesterday afternoon to go home and spend some time with the family. While the girls were napping, I was able to sneak in some $10/20 on UB and walked away with a $200 profit after about 30 minutes. Very nice. No hands of note...The Hilton Sisters held up for a hand for a nice pot, then hit a set of 7s for another nice win. Table was pretty tight, so I was able to steal some blinds from late position with occasional raises and re-raises. I'm getting pretty excited, as my bankroll has completly recovered from the Vegas trip and is approaching the $4k level, which will be a new high for me....with any luck, I can continue to build over the winter, get my eye surgery done and still have cash for a vegas trip for the WSOP...more on that below.

Finally unpacked my bag from Vegas and put everything away....actually wearing my PokerStars t-shirt under a sweater here at work today on casual Friday. I'm hoping to make it back out to Vegas in July for a WSOP event....aiming for one of the following:
$1k buy in NLHM on July 10,
$1.5k buy in NLHM on July 18,
$2k buy in NLHM on July 21

Best scenario would be the $1500 event on the in it and stay to play in the $2k event on the 21st. Hoping to get some of the gang from here at work (Tom, Adam, Barant, etc) to go along as well....would be a great trip if we can pull it off.

Not much else going on...have a freeroll online this weekend, but otherwise will probably not get much poker in with the family coming into town.


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

First NHL Game Ever

Was able to enjoy my first NHL game last night...won tickets here at work for the Blue Jackets/Philly game last night here in Columbus...2 seats in the corporate nice is that. I'm seriously spoiled now...the last MLB game I was at (All-Star Game in Chicago 2 years ago) and now an NHL game, both in suites....sitting in a regular seat at a game just won't be the same. Kinda like the first time I flew first class to CA...every coach flight I take now is like getting tortured in a prison cell compared to the luxury of first class.

Anyway, the game didn't go well for the CBJ....we scored first, Thornberg came back for Philly and scored about 2 minutes later....we gave up a power play goal and were never able to retie the score, dispite having about 3 minutes of 5 on 3 power play in the third...Philly'd D was tough and we had trouble getting a decent shot on goal. Was great fun to watch...been so long since I was at a live hockey game...great fun, especially the free food and beers during the game.

Not much in the way of poker since Monday night...not sure when I'll get to play...Danielle has a school recital tonight and then we'll be getting ready for the arrival of Jen's family for the weekend for the annual cookie walk event they all participate in. At least Rick will be joining them, so there will be some margaritas flowing for the weekend.

I've been thoroughly enjoying the blogs of the last weekend in Vegas. Here's a pic to prove I was there.

Look on the left side of the pic in the reflection on the mirror and you'll see yours truly hanging in the Al Can't Hang suite on Thursday night. Was great meeting everyone out in Vegas and I can't wait for the next trip.

Last bit of good news...just received an invitation to a 'Beer Exhange' for next Thursday of my coworkers is throwing a guys party with beer, cigars and maybe a poker game as well....I can't wait.

Time to get to work.....ttfn

Monday, December 12, 2005

Back at work

How revolting....back at work. The Vegas trip is done and over, but what a time it was. I had a great time in Vegas, enjoyed meeting all the bloggers (even Iggy, that Ben-gals loving fool), Al and Eva, Soxfan, Evencure, Performify, etc, etc, etc. Only regret is that I missed out on the Storming of the Castle on Sat night, as I was at the other end of the strip when the call came from Human Head and I opted to skip trying to catch up with everyone. Already looking forward to the next opportunity to head out to Vegas...hopefully in the spring or summer for the WSOP.

Financially, the trip was not a booming success....pretty much broke even at slots, BJ (-$60 overall), and cash poker games (-$60), with the big losses coming from tourney entries (-$175) and 3 card poker (-$200) for the trip....the rest of the bankroll hit was from cabs, food, t-shirts, etc. But I didn't come back home peniless, so there is still some poker money for the next trip.

And thank goodness for fishy players online. Between a short $10/20 session on Sat night (+195) and last night before bed (+390), I've pretty much recouped all of my losses and spending from Vegas in about 24 hrs. Gotta like that. Would haveliked to play more last night, as there were a couple of real maniac fishes at the table, but +390 and 2am on the clock meant that it was time to go to bed...hopefully I can find him again tonight and take more of his cash.

back to digging out of my emails here at work.....ttfn

Also.....I've decided that I need to come up with a new nickname for the blog/poker community......Life, Universe & poker is a mouthful to say to someone when getting introduced, and MVilla888 is not much easier.....I'm thinking Ohio Mike might work, as I don't believe there are any other bloggers from Ohio currently associated with the WPBT....any thoughts from any readers?

Sunday, December 11, 2005

End of my time in Vegas

Started the day with a bit of a Gin induced hangover...quickly cured by a bunch of water, tylenol and a free buffet breakfast here at the IP. Nothing beats free food.

Played some BJ while waiting for the logger tourney to get started....started with $100, left with $100, so no harm done.

My hat is off to the IP staff in putting together the tourney for us today....we had a huge room to ourselves with plenty of space and the dealers were great. The event started with some comments from Barry Greenstein regarding his relationship with the blogger community and his WSOP tourney victory that was dedicated to Charlie. Very heart warming to listen to him discuss his feelings on the topic. Michael Craig and Charlie Shoten both spoke very well and were interesting to listen to. I would comment that it would have been nice if the bulk of the bloggers had paid more attention to the speakers, as I felt it was a bit rude of many of them to stand and kibitz in the back of the room while the speakers were talking.

Cards went in the air around noon....I was at a tought table of Joaquin and his rooster and EasyCure among others. I made a bad read in an early hand against Joaquin when I hit a flop of A-K-Q with my suited A6 in middle position....he popped the bet post flop and I fealt my weak kicker was no good, so I folded...he showed presto (55) and tok down a nice pot, as I had raised preflop and lost about a third of my stack. I proceeded to get blinded out over the course of the hour, finishing the first hour with about 1400 in chips. Blinds started the second session at 100-200 and I was in pretty desperate need to double up. I picked up the blinds once with AKs, but then got busted by one of the FullTilt gang that was red hot at the table when my A-10os ran into his AQ and a flopped Q....not quite what I had in mind for the tourney, but that hand against Joaquin really hurt my stack and I was never able to get a hand to recover the chips. Was a great time meeting everyone though.

Spent the bulk of the afternoon playing BJ...was up and down for most of the session...finally quitting when I was down $80 and the dealer was crushing the table. Also tried the 3 card poker game that the casinos are playing....dropped $200 in about 30 minutes, as each hnad costs $20 to play with the betting structure....didn't hit many hands at all and was done very quickly....I do not recommend the game for anyone. Headed down to a BBQ joint on the strip for some great ribs with some bloggers and had a great time talking about families and jobs and balancing poker with life in general....great time.

Decided to play some $3-6 at circus-circus for awhile....hit a couple of early hands to go up about $40, but eventually bled that and most of my buy in back to the table with missed flops and some aggressive play by some of the regulars at the casino. Not a whole lot of fun, as there was no joviality like last night at the MGM Grand.

Made my way back to the the call to storm the castle but decided that i had dropped enough cash at the casinos for the day. Still have $300+ from my original bankroll, so not bad all things considered. Was never able to get on a nice run on the poker or BJ tables to get a nice profit for a session. But I had a great time in Vegas and can't wait to come back.

Flight out tomorrow morning at 12:30, so I'll be headed for the airport by about 9 or so to get checked in and such. Hoping to find some cute shirts for the girls and maybe a new bib or something for Alan to commemerate the trip. Not sure when i'll get to come back again. Won't get back to Columbus until 9:30 tomorrow night, so probably no posts til monday.

To all the bloggers....thanks for a great weekend....looking forward to the next tourney.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Let the weelend begin

Finally have my room at the IP...took them 5 hours to get it ready...thankfully I found a very fun table of $5 BJ and broke even after 4 hours of a half dozen gin and tonics...wheeeee.

time to go find some bloggers and play some poker.

more later.

1:45am (Vegas) - played 2/4 limit at MGM Grand for abour 4 hours,....made $20, so at least I finished ahead...was more fun meeting Pauly, Iggy, April, etc and watching Wil, Phil Gordon and Paul Phillips play some poker as well. Drink a good bit of Gin and hit the wall about midnight, so gathered up a group and headed back to the IP. Time for some sleep and such to get ready for teh tourney tomorrow at 10am.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


We'll...I made it!!!!!!!

Arrived in Vegas yesterday at about 2:30 local time. no problems with the flight or baggage, so that was one hurdle crossed. Took the shuttle to Caesar's and found my room with little problem as well. Unpacked and then headed for the Bellagio to see what I could see.

Found the poker room and tourney room around 4:00, watched the final table of yesterday's event (I believe) for a bit...Clonie was in the final 4 players at the table, so I was rooting for her. Surprised at how small the room was that the tourney was being played in...very nice, but seelemed cramped compared to my expectations.

Pros spotted
Clonie Gowen
Barry Greenstein
Joe Hachem
Gavin Smith
TJ Cloutier (sp?)
Josh Areih (sp?)

Watched TJ and Josh play craps for awhile, hoping to get an autograph if they stopped playing, but Josh seemed to be doing well while TJ was commenting that he was 'stuck like a pig' at the table. Wandered around for a bit, found a small snack bar and grabbed a burger and a coke and then went out to see what else I could find.

Made it over to the Flamingo at 6:20, only to find that the tourney started at 6 and was capped at 30 players, so I may try and get in tonight if I cen get over there early enough to get my name on the list. CP is supposed to have a poker room, but I didn't wander into it last night, so I'll have to try again today. By 7:30 my body was starting to crash, so I figured trying to gamble would be a bad idea at this point and headed back to the room. Watched some mindless TV for a couple of hours and then crashed around 10pm Vegas time. Slept ok, but woke up at about 3am and then was restless for the rest of the night.

All showered and shaved now, so off to find some breakfast and then hit the conference in an hour. More later.

Evening update
Played some BJ and slots during the day, profiting on the slots enough to balance $100 loss at the BJ table...hit the slots for $180 during lunch and then another $100 on the way back to the room from the poker tourney tonight.

Speaking of poker...found my way over to the Flamingo after the seminar was over...played some $2/4 limt for 2 hours for a whopping $20 profit. Was up about $45 but lost a bit on the last hand I played...when my A9 suited saw a flop of AKK and the dude that stayed in had pocket I guess I lost a bit in that hand, as he checked it to me all the way to the river to build the pot to allow him to hit the high hand jackpot for the day. Called it quits right there and walked around a bit to get ready for the tourney...

Tourney details...1000 in chips, blinds start at 25/50 and doubled every 20 minutes. I hit a couple of early hands to get up to about 1800....lost 800 to an all in bet with JJ versus QQ....don't know why I called his bet, but it was the best hand I had and he was shortstacked...I was hoping for AK or a smaller pair I guess.....but the Q on the turn pretty much sealed the deal for that hand. I treaded water for a few hands and made it into the third blind raise (100-200) with about 1000 in chips....lost 300 in the blinds with garbage hands to find KJ suited on the button...limped around to me and I went all in for my last 700....blinds folded and the guy to my right (chip leader...drunk and stupid) called the extra 500 with Q-10os....and of course he hits a 10 on the flop and a Q on the turn, leaving me with a straight draw that I missed on the river. Of the 30 players that started, I made it to the final 18 or so, but way out of the cash. Was a fun tourney though....

pretty much done for the day now...had a nice steak for dinner...hoping to catch up with the bloggers tomorrow as they come into town.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Back at work

Bleah....back at work after a glorious 11 day vacation with the holiday and the baby arriving last week. Was tough getting out of bed and watching Jen and Alan sleeping peacefully in the nice warm bed. Danielle quickly joined them after he heard me moving around and ran in for some cuddle time. By the time I left, Ashley was in there as well and I was heading out to the cold and ice to drive to work. Joy....

But, on the bright side, I'm headed for Vegas tomorrow....on the 1pm flight from Columbus to Vegas non-stop. Will be there around 2:35pm local time and hope to be at the Bellagio watching some of the poker tourneys by 4pm or so. Can't wait.

Poker was kind over the last few days. No luck in the massive freerolls on Absolute for the WSOP qualifiers....when donks are playing freerolls, nothing good can happen...saw 5 all-in's in the first 5 hands, with stellar holdings as 59os and A-10os go up against AA, KK and QQ....I went out when my KJ suited hit a flop of J-5-7, I bet the pot, had 4 callers, K comes on turn, I bet all-in, get one caller that flips 4-6 for the straight draw and hits a 3 on the river to complete....what utter garbage. Can only hope that the Vegas tourneys will be better than this.

Played some $5/10 and $10/20 over the weekend for some positive results. Won about $250 over the weekend, profiting after a $-250 $5/10 session on Sunday morning to bounce back last night with a +$310 session at the $10/20 tables. I may stick to the $10/20 tables for awhile, as the $5/10 tables are getting heavy on the donkey poker and they are too stupid to fold to my occasional bluffs....not that I bluff alot....but when 4 to a flush hit the board and I reraise after playing quiet during the hand, how can you call the raise with 2nd pair and no flush? Simply amazing the amount of bad players floating around right now.

The $10/20 game is a bit large for my bank-roll, but the players are tighter in general and aren't as reckless as what is currently populating the $5/10 tables on UB. Not that I'll be playing much over the next week online while in Vegas...I'm probably going to pull almost everything off of UB while in Vegas, just so I'm not tempted to go hide in my room and play poker online while in the gambling mecca of the world...seems like a good idea to hide the money off of UB and not risk turning a bad evening at the live games into a worse evening with an online loss.

Time to get some work done....ttfn.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

November Wrap-up

Here's a quick breakdown for the month of November.

UltimateBet - $1035
PokerStars - $99.65
FullTilt - $417.15

Nov Total +$518.20

hmmmm...wonder where I'll be playing the month of December....the heck with the bonuses I have sitting at FullTilt....Finished the month strong with a nice session on UB last night...pretty much saved the month with a +500 session at the $5/10 tables last night in an hour. Just killed the table. Pocket pairs hit sets, nut flush draws hit and flopped 2 A high straights to crush guys playing Ax and pushing it to the river. Was a nice feeling after being on the loosing end of many of thos same hands over the last week or so.

Getting ready for Vegas now....pulled the cash from the bankroll for the trip. I'm actually over-budgeting for the trip, as I plan on hitting the evening tourneys at the Flamingo each night, putting $50 at risk in their tourneys....getting 2-3 hours of tourney play on $50 should keep me in good shape for each evening...will probably bust loose on Friday and Sat with the bloggers in town, but hopefully will retain some control at that point....especially if I hit the cash on one of the Flamingo tourneys.

Jen and Alan are home from the hospital and doing very well. Life couldn't be finer.