Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Life update

wow...time flies these days....

House Update
- drywall installation was finished on Saturday, first coat of mud went in yesterday. Waiting to see how it dried overnight to see if we're still on schedule to paint this weekend. Terrible weather for fnishing drywall (high humidity and lower temps).
- Making final decisions on paint this week. Jen has done a great job in coordinating the paint scheme for the house....course, if she had left it to me the rooms would all be either Steelers Gold and Black or Buckeye's Scarlett and Grey, so better that she is doing the color selection.
- Can't wait to get into the house...still scheduled for end of Sept...so only about 6 weeks to go...light at the end of the tunnel.

Other Stuff
Not much going on...did get to visit Foxwoods and Mohegian Sun casinos during a recent trip into the CT/RI area. Very nice casinos, played some slots as I wandered around, pretty much broke even, so no harm there.
Work is pretty hectic, as we're still trying to adjust to the reorg and my new boss is getting up to speed.
Between work and house, probably explains why I've been so tired lately....way too much stress.
Danielle starts school tomorrow (first grade) and lost her fourth tooth last night. She has a top tooth loose as well, but if she looses it now she'll look like she was a boxer or in a car accident with all the missing teeth. Hoping it hangs in there for a couple of days to allow her to get into the swing of school. Ash starts back after Labor Day, so that will alter my work schedule back to a 9-6 routine to minimize the travel back and forth for Jen and Alan, not to mention the extra gas. Will also give us a chance to have lunch together and have Jen pick her up here at work, so that will be fun.

Time to get back to the grind...ttfn.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Monday Update

What a crazy week and weekend....

Spent the majority of last week trying to recover from the layoff here at work. Lost some very good friends and now trying to recover. Been slow going, as it seems like everyone is in a tailspin right now, so trying to get things to happen is taking even longer than usual, as we have to find new contacts in departments and try and get things to happen all over again....but a least I'm here.

House is moving along...spent most of yesterday running the extra cable and phone lines for the first floor. Need to go back tonight and fix the last line that I ran, as I made it a cable outlet instead of a phone outlet...didn't have time to change it before cleaning up and getting home for Jen to go to work. Have a couple of lines left to run, but they should go quickly, as all I need to do is run the wires...all the holes are drilled already, so piece of cake.

Basement should be poured tomorrow, so have to make sure the floor is cleaned up tonight. Hauled a bag of garbage out yesterday before I left, but will need to double check again tonight and make sure everything is ok. Hope the high humidity and heat wont cause any problems. Also need to see if the garage is getting poured at the same time or not and get that cleaned up as well if needed tonight.

Not much else...siding is almost completly done, septic and well are completed and waiting for the floor to get poured to finish of those connections. So we're still on schedule.

Did play some poker yesterday morning on UB...still on the 0.25/0.50 NL tables for $10 buy-ins...donked off a buy in when my pre-flop raise to $1 from late position with QQ was called by both blinds. Flop came down 8-10-Q, giving me a solid set but also a bunch of straight draws. Blinds checked to me, I put in a pot sized bet of ~3.50, which was called by the BB (sitting with about $30 at this point). J falls on the turn and I know I'm in trouble, as AK just hit a straight, as well as anything with a 9. BB checks, I toss out another $3 bet and get pushed all in for my last $3, which I pretty much have to call at this point with the odds and the potential for a boat on the river....doesn't happen and the dude turns over 9-7os for the suck-out straight. Not sure why he called the pre-flop bet there, but I was in trouble with his open-ended straight draw on the flop....which of course he hits.....a bigger bet pre-flop may have chased him, but with QQ, I want some action.....sigh. I bought back into the same table and ended up recouping my lost $10 plus another $4 before calling it a session and getting to work around the house. Bankroll up to $80 now...woot.