Monday, December 05, 2005

Back at work

Bleah....back at work after a glorious 11 day vacation with the holiday and the baby arriving last week. Was tough getting out of bed and watching Jen and Alan sleeping peacefully in the nice warm bed. Danielle quickly joined them after he heard me moving around and ran in for some cuddle time. By the time I left, Ashley was in there as well and I was heading out to the cold and ice to drive to work. Joy....

But, on the bright side, I'm headed for Vegas tomorrow....on the 1pm flight from Columbus to Vegas non-stop. Will be there around 2:35pm local time and hope to be at the Bellagio watching some of the poker tourneys by 4pm or so. Can't wait.

Poker was kind over the last few days. No luck in the massive freerolls on Absolute for the WSOP qualifiers....when donks are playing freerolls, nothing good can happen...saw 5 all-in's in the first 5 hands, with stellar holdings as 59os and A-10os go up against AA, KK and QQ....I went out when my KJ suited hit a flop of J-5-7, I bet the pot, had 4 callers, K comes on turn, I bet all-in, get one caller that flips 4-6 for the straight draw and hits a 3 on the river to complete....what utter garbage. Can only hope that the Vegas tourneys will be better than this.

Played some $5/10 and $10/20 over the weekend for some positive results. Won about $250 over the weekend, profiting after a $-250 $5/10 session on Sunday morning to bounce back last night with a +$310 session at the $10/20 tables. I may stick to the $10/20 tables for awhile, as the $5/10 tables are getting heavy on the donkey poker and they are too stupid to fold to my occasional bluffs....not that I bluff alot....but when 4 to a flush hit the board and I reraise after playing quiet during the hand, how can you call the raise with 2nd pair and no flush? Simply amazing the amount of bad players floating around right now.

The $10/20 game is a bit large for my bank-roll, but the players are tighter in general and aren't as reckless as what is currently populating the $5/10 tables on UB. Not that I'll be playing much over the next week online while in Vegas...I'm probably going to pull almost everything off of UB while in Vegas, just so I'm not tempted to go hide in my room and play poker online while in the gambling mecca of the world...seems like a good idea to hide the money off of UB and not risk turning a bad evening at the live games into a worse evening with an online loss.

Time to get some work done....ttfn.


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Good luck in Vegas, man!


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