Wednesday, December 28, 2005

No toys, nuthin to do.....

And so I enter day 6 of my 11 day vacation...I could get sooooo used to sleeping in until 8-8:30 every day, grabbing a cup of coffee or tea, taking time to really read the newspaper and enjoy the morning. The girls (and Alan) have been great and its been so much fun staying home with them. Santa visited the house again this year and loaded the girls up on new toys and clothes...I received some new work shirts and ties...very stylish I might add, DVDs (mostly comedy) and Harrington on to follow in the next week or so.

Played a bit of poker over the last couple of days....ran into a table Monday night ($10/20) that soaked me for about $400 with tons of loose play and missed flops...lost one pot when I raised from EP with AKs, 2 late callers plus the BB, flop comes A, 10, 10 and the check to me...I bet, fold, call, call(BB)...turn hits a K and I figure I'm golden unless someone is slowplaying the set....check to me and I bet again with my top 2 pair, LP folds and BB raises me....uh, oh...there's the set or a straight...I call....river is a blank and he bets, I call, he flips over 7-10os for a nice pot and I steam over the loose call from the BB. A few hands later he catches a straight on the river to bust my QQ and then tells me to 'quit bluffing'...I told him I had QQ and would 'quit bluffing' when he quit playing garbage hands...he shut up and I left the table and the end of the circut and cut my losses at $400.

Have since made it back...hit a table yesterday morning for about $380, then a tight table for a short session last night for another $50, so I'm back where I started from on Monday all is right with the world of poker.

Have to get some errands taken care of today....oil change in car, return a couple of gifts, etc, etc. ttfn


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