Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wednesday update

Quick update before heading off to lunch....

Dismal day at work....can't say much here, but let's just say it starts with RE and ends with ORG. Many stressed individuals siting around waiting for the phone to ring.

Jen had to bear the brunt of two days of house issues. Apparently the 48 inch kitchen pantry that was approved via change order 3 months ago never made it to the the final blueprints, so we currently have a 32 inch pantry in the kitchen. KHov has agreed that it should be 48 inches and are trying to figure out what to do.....duh, move wall 16 inches and be done with it.

Also having issues with the well....contractor has been there since Monday morning drilling our well. As of last night around 7pm they were approaching 300 ft with no water....not sure where they stand today or what the cost or next steps are. more to follow

Actually played some poker over the weekend and while in NJ. Have worked the $10 from UB up to almost $70 via some profitable sessions at the low stake NL tables and by winning a prestigious and action packed $2 SNG (18 man) on Monday night while in NJ. Decided the bankroll could afford the $2 entry fee for the chance to win $18....ohhhhhhhhh.

First hand - AA in the BB, no action to speak of, but won the pot. Sounds like a good start, but hopefully don't peak early with good hands and then go dead later on.
Proceed to get a steady stream of solid hands, or hitting on cheap flops. I mean, who doesn;t love getting a free flop in the BB with Q2os and seeing Q-Q-2 flop and then bust a dude that slowplayed AA. Anyway, steered clear of confronting other big stacks and focused on pressuring the short stacks as we wound down to the final table. Once there (top 3 paid), again just biding time, picked up small pots by exerting big stack pressure and stayed in the top 3 of chips. Bubble boy went out when my pocket 22 spiked the set on the flop and a boat on the turn to bust his AA when he went all in on the flop. Put me in the chip lead (~10k-8k-6k) traded chips back and forth a bit, as one guy was playing pretty solid poker and not willing to roll over and let me push him around constantly.
Everything was going pretty slow when he suddenly pushes from the SB...button had called the blind and action was to me in the BB looking at Q-10s. His push felt like a weird play with the tempo the table had been keeping....mid-pair or AK was what my brain screamed to me. I paused for a sec to consider....I had him covered by about 3k, so not out of it if I loose and can still play with the 3k. Have already made the money (not that a $1 profit was exciting, but hell...its a max profit of $16, so WTF). I make the call, button folds and we see a flop. UB has modified their all in program by not showing cards until after the river. So I see a open ended straight on the flop with 1 spade (K-J-x), a second spade on the turn and then a lovely A on the river for a straight. cards are revealed to see him with AKos and top two pair and a loosing hand. Pot gets raked to me and he explodes. Berates me for making the call, telling me I knew I was beat and such. I tell him that I was only slightly behind pre-flop, ended up with a ton of outs on flop and turn and nailed a winner. He's steaming from a terrible play on his part (IMHO) by pushing with AKos. Sure, my call was WAY loose, but WTF, it's not like this was for millions of dollars or anything. Anyway, I end up crushing the remaining player in heads-up when he pushes into my A9 suited with K-10 and I catch an A on the flop to win the tourney....wheeee....$16 in profit for the hour of work.

So, I'm happy to be playing some poker for a change as well as WoW. Nothing exciting on that front, as haven't really played since the weekend.

Time for lunch now....ttfn.


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