Sunday, December 11, 2005

End of my time in Vegas

Started the day with a bit of a Gin induced hangover...quickly cured by a bunch of water, tylenol and a free buffet breakfast here at the IP. Nothing beats free food.

Played some BJ while waiting for the logger tourney to get started....started with $100, left with $100, so no harm done.

My hat is off to the IP staff in putting together the tourney for us today....we had a huge room to ourselves with plenty of space and the dealers were great. The event started with some comments from Barry Greenstein regarding his relationship with the blogger community and his WSOP tourney victory that was dedicated to Charlie. Very heart warming to listen to him discuss his feelings on the topic. Michael Craig and Charlie Shoten both spoke very well and were interesting to listen to. I would comment that it would have been nice if the bulk of the bloggers had paid more attention to the speakers, as I felt it was a bit rude of many of them to stand and kibitz in the back of the room while the speakers were talking.

Cards went in the air around noon....I was at a tought table of Joaquin and his rooster and EasyCure among others. I made a bad read in an early hand against Joaquin when I hit a flop of A-K-Q with my suited A6 in middle position....he popped the bet post flop and I fealt my weak kicker was no good, so I folded...he showed presto (55) and tok down a nice pot, as I had raised preflop and lost about a third of my stack. I proceeded to get blinded out over the course of the hour, finishing the first hour with about 1400 in chips. Blinds started the second session at 100-200 and I was in pretty desperate need to double up. I picked up the blinds once with AKs, but then got busted by one of the FullTilt gang that was red hot at the table when my A-10os ran into his AQ and a flopped Q....not quite what I had in mind for the tourney, but that hand against Joaquin really hurt my stack and I was never able to get a hand to recover the chips. Was a great time meeting everyone though.

Spent the bulk of the afternoon playing BJ...was up and down for most of the session...finally quitting when I was down $80 and the dealer was crushing the table. Also tried the 3 card poker game that the casinos are playing....dropped $200 in about 30 minutes, as each hnad costs $20 to play with the betting structure....didn't hit many hands at all and was done very quickly....I do not recommend the game for anyone. Headed down to a BBQ joint on the strip for some great ribs with some bloggers and had a great time talking about families and jobs and balancing poker with life in general....great time.

Decided to play some $3-6 at circus-circus for awhile....hit a couple of early hands to go up about $40, but eventually bled that and most of my buy in back to the table with missed flops and some aggressive play by some of the regulars at the casino. Not a whole lot of fun, as there was no joviality like last night at the MGM Grand.

Made my way back to the the call to storm the castle but decided that i had dropped enough cash at the casinos for the day. Still have $300+ from my original bankroll, so not bad all things considered. Was never able to get on a nice run on the poker or BJ tables to get a nice profit for a session. But I had a great time in Vegas and can't wait to come back.

Flight out tomorrow morning at 12:30, so I'll be headed for the airport by about 9 or so to get checked in and such. Hoping to find some cute shirts for the girls and maybe a new bib or something for Alan to commemerate the trip. Not sure when i'll get to come back again. Won't get back to Columbus until 9:30 tomorrow night, so probably no posts til monday.

To all the bloggers....thanks for a great weekend....looking forward to the next tourney.


At 12:02 AM, Blogger Easycure said...

You bet into my TPTK on the 3rd hand of the tournament - I wilted to the bet and it ruined the tournament for me. I folded the AJ up on a J-high board if you remember. You told me you were on a straight draw, I think.

It's a lesson I have learned. No shying away from a good hand early.

Every hand in poker is a lesson, only good players listen to them....I'm working toward that.


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