Wednesday, October 10, 2007

House update 10/10/07

First electronic wish for a happy anniversary for my lovely wife. Nine years and still going strong. Not to say that the last few months have been easy with the house and all, but we're so close to moving into the new place. And regardless, I still love her more every day and am lucky to have found her and have her in my life.

and yes...I did wish here a happy anniversary first thing this this is just an extra wish in case she checks the blog.

On the house front...we're moving stuff now and will continue in full force tomorrow and Friday to get out of the rental property....having some problems with the well and water flow at the moment, so we're hoping to still pass plumbing inspection tomorrow and be able to gain occupancy as well so we won't be homeless.

Very excited about the family and friends that are assisting this weekend...Dave & Julie, Joe, Jason, etc...can't wait to see everyone.

Haven't had time for much poker lately....played a few hands over last weekend and won a couple of bucks...but seriously, only played for 5-10 minutes, so no real effort. Looking forward to everything calming down in the coming weeks and getting back to normal.

back to work now...ttfn.


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