Thursday, December 01, 2005

November Wrap-up

Here's a quick breakdown for the month of November.

UltimateBet - $1035
PokerStars - $99.65
FullTilt - $417.15

Nov Total +$518.20

hmmmm...wonder where I'll be playing the month of December....the heck with the bonuses I have sitting at FullTilt....Finished the month strong with a nice session on UB last night...pretty much saved the month with a +500 session at the $5/10 tables last night in an hour. Just killed the table. Pocket pairs hit sets, nut flush draws hit and flopped 2 A high straights to crush guys playing Ax and pushing it to the river. Was a nice feeling after being on the loosing end of many of thos same hands over the last week or so.

Getting ready for Vegas now....pulled the cash from the bankroll for the trip. I'm actually over-budgeting for the trip, as I plan on hitting the evening tourneys at the Flamingo each night, putting $50 at risk in their tourneys....getting 2-3 hours of tourney play on $50 should keep me in good shape for each evening...will probably bust loose on Friday and Sat with the bloggers in town, but hopefully will retain some control at that point....especially if I hit the cash on one of the Flamingo tourneys.

Jen and Alan are home from the hospital and doing very well. Life couldn't be finer.


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