Monday, December 12, 2005

Back at work

How revolting....back at work. The Vegas trip is done and over, but what a time it was. I had a great time in Vegas, enjoyed meeting all the bloggers (even Iggy, that Ben-gals loving fool), Al and Eva, Soxfan, Evencure, Performify, etc, etc, etc. Only regret is that I missed out on the Storming of the Castle on Sat night, as I was at the other end of the strip when the call came from Human Head and I opted to skip trying to catch up with everyone. Already looking forward to the next opportunity to head out to Vegas...hopefully in the spring or summer for the WSOP.

Financially, the trip was not a booming success....pretty much broke even at slots, BJ (-$60 overall), and cash poker games (-$60), with the big losses coming from tourney entries (-$175) and 3 card poker (-$200) for the trip....the rest of the bankroll hit was from cabs, food, t-shirts, etc. But I didn't come back home peniless, so there is still some poker money for the next trip.

And thank goodness for fishy players online. Between a short $10/20 session on Sat night (+195) and last night before bed (+390), I've pretty much recouped all of my losses and spending from Vegas in about 24 hrs. Gotta like that. Would haveliked to play more last night, as there were a couple of real maniac fishes at the table, but +390 and 2am on the clock meant that it was time to go to bed...hopefully I can find him again tonight and take more of his cash.

back to digging out of my emails here at work.....ttfn

Also.....I've decided that I need to come up with a new nickname for the blog/poker community......Life, Universe & poker is a mouthful to say to someone when getting introduced, and MVilla888 is not much easier.....I'm thinking Ohio Mike might work, as I don't believe there are any other bloggers from Ohio currently associated with the WPBT....any thoughts from any readers?


At 8:51 AM, Blogger Meek said...

I'm from Ohio, and of course Iggy, and I think Kipper (Or was it chipper . . .) But I don't know of any Ohio Mikes. You could shorten it. LTUP, LtUaP, LtUnP, LUnP, LUP . . .


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