Monday, December 19, 2005

Monday again

The memories of Vegas are already starting to fade...and it's only been a week. I'm dilegently working on another trip to Vegas, possibly at the end of January if I can swing a 1-2 day layover while headed to LA for a week of supplier audits. Need to make the final arrangements for the trip and then see if I can swing the stop in Vegas without messing up the costs of the flights by too much. Possibly flying into Vegas on the 28th and then catching up with the rest of the audit team on the 20th in LA, so that would give me about 48hrs in Vegas...just enough time to hit the MGM Grand and Wynn again for some poker....and possibly allow me to storm the castle as well. Will keep you all posted if I can work out the details.

Only able to play a small bit of poker over the weekend...had a freeroll yesterday afternoon for the WAPT. Made it about halfway through the tourney as the chip leader, then lost a hand to a shortstack when my AKos was beaten by KQos and he sucked out a 4 flush on the river. I played through some card dead rounds and the blinds started eating away at my stack. I was down to about 4k (200-400 blinds) and found 10-10 on the button...pushed the stack, blinds both folded and one of the 2 early limpers called me with help came my way and I was out in the middle of the pack...first place was $75, so no huge loss, but $75 is still $75.

Played one quick session on UB of $10/20....picked up some solid hands and won about $300 in about a 30 minute very happy about that. Picked on some loose aggressive players to build some nice pots after flopping a set with AA, and then hitting a flopped straight on the next hand. Same guy called it down to the river with second pair against the set, and pocket KK against the flopped straight to help me make some decent cash. Bluffed out some of the tighter players after showing the good hands and picked up some blinds and small pots to round out the session. No complaints at all.

I have found that I have definately developed a calousness regarding my year ago, I would have never dreamed of sitting at a table woth $1k and playing poker...I was happy to have $100 in my bankroll and play at micro stakes to catch my poker fix for an hour or two. Now, I'm making a monthly car payment and financing trips to Vegas with my bankroll, not to mention plans to pay for eye surgery and hopefully a fun vacation for the wife and I this summer. So glad I've finally found a 'hobby' that is profitable and fun at the same time.

BTW, as I get closer to pulling the trigger on the eye surgery, I've been looking a sunglasses to purchase after the surgery. Any suggestions on brands/styles from any readers? I'll probably treat myself to a nice pair of sunglasses...Oakley, RayBan, etc....Probably polarized or mirroed to allow me to wear while driving and also while playing in the WSOP next least if plans work out for me to attend. Any advise welcome.



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