Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Sometimes I can't stand the human race

Why is it that a subset of our population feels it is their duty to stick their nose into other people's business and 'save them from themselves'? We have groups out there that filter our TV programs (see the recent articles about NBC scrubbing the Pamela Anderson dance during Elton John's concert), put labels on our CDs about the lyrics, monitor the safety of our kids toys, have Christmas trees (yes...I said Christmas) removed from schools over their belief that it promotes the Christian religion, and now it is politically correct to say Happy Holidays when talking to strangers in public for fear of offending them.

Why do people feel the need to try and bend the will of the masses to their own twisted morality? This is America after all...."home of the FREE and brave"...while I acknowledge that everyone has the right to express their opinion about something...many are taking that a step too far and taking away someone else's rights....

I am a firm believer that we, as a society, are hindering the efforts of nature to naturally select out the weak and stupid from our population, thus allowing the propagation of sub-optimal genes in the gene pool, slowly weakening our race over time. Watch any nature channel and you'll see the lion catching the slowest antelope for dinner....removing the weak/slow/diseased animal from the herd and allowing the stronger genes to survive and multiply.

What do we do...put warning labels on screwdrivers to make sure someone doesn't stick it in their ear....or stand on the top of a ladder for risk of falling....if someone is stupid enough to put a screwdriver in their ear and jam it into their head...I say let em do it and remove the stupid gene from the gene pool. Is that wrong?????

What has prompted all of this....well, for one, the national news had a story last night that was implying how rampant online gambling/poker was becoming with teenagers and college students under the legal age for such activities. This was triggered by a story regarding an 18yr old that recently robbed a bank to try and pay off his $5k online gambling debt. The expert last night went so far as to state that compulsive gambling was not a habit, but a disease and should be treated as such. So...the kid had a disease that forced him into robbing the bank and we should feel sorry for him....what a bunch of BS. The kid got in over his head and probably ran up daddy's credit card bill with some donkey poker playing online and was afraid that daddy was going to whup his ass over it....so he decides to rob and bank to pay off the debit....and he was in college to boot...real brains there.

As the 'bad' stories about online poker start to rise to the top, someone will get the bright idea that we need to protect ourselves from this terror and figure out a way to stop us from gambling online. To those that live in Vegas and LA...no big deal....for those of us that live in the gambling wasteland of Ohio....it would really suck. I just hope that it doesn't come to pass.

Enough ranting...time to get back to work now.


At 8:57 AM, Blogger theBruce58 said...

People have to be held accountable for what they do or it's just chaos out there. The problem isn't poker...poker/gambling isn't the disease...it's the lack of willpower/control/whathaveyou on the part of the person. If you know you suck at poker DON'T PLAY FOR MONEY! I'm sure he could find some friends who are more than willing to bust out the chips, for crying out loud. You know what? The greatest lesson I ever learned about gambling came from Stringfellow Hawk, hero of the 80s action series Airwolf (played by Jan Michael Vincent, btw) - Never bet more than you can afford.


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