Friday, October 05, 2007

Still alive and kicking

Wow....what a month or so...and it's not over yet. For anyone still checking, we're still alive and kicking in's a rundown by topic...

The New pretty much finished. Flooring, countertops and plumbing have all been finished. Final inspections scheduled for today/Monday, with the hope for an occupancy permit on Monday so we can officially move in and live there. Need to put in a mailbox, finish some basic wiring (cable and phone jacks) and do some adjustments to the front and back steps over the weekend to be ready for inspection and to initiate mail delivery and such...we're so close and can't wait to move in. Kids are excited and ready to move as well. Not to say it hasn't been without a huge amount of stress....but then end is near and we're very happy.

Poker - still playing a bit here and there. Have worked the UB funded $10 up to $190 now, so pretty happy about that. Finally updated Pokertracker software and started tracking hands and performance again...too early to draw any conclusions, but I'm happy to be playing and generating a bit of cash again. Hoping to continue to run well and possibly get to the point to start making car payments again from the poker fund. I seemed to do very well with this strategy before and if I can keep my expectations reasonable, maybe I can repeat that bankroll growth again this fall and winter.

WoW - not much going on time to play recently with the house and travel for work. Burton is taking some time off the game for the wedding and such, so that was a downer...haven't had much luck in catching Bruce online of late, but hopefully things will turn around in the coming weeks as we get moved into the house and all....can't wait to get my desk back.

Work - tons of travel and internal process meetings going on. Spent a week in CA in September and will be spending a bunch of time on the east coast this month with various audits and such. Such is the glamerous life of an auditor.

Speaking of....time for yet another meeting. Hoouse pics coming soon.....ttfn.


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