Friday, March 30, 2007

Finally Friday

Ahhh....what a week. Spent the beginning of the week in Vermont on a company audit, only to find myself spending a day in the hotel room with a nasty head cold on Tuesday. Finished the audit on Wednesday an thankfully made it back home with no incident and no relapse on the cold, so I'm glad that is over. I probably should have just cancelled the trip at the last minute, as I felt the cold coming on last Thursday night, but thought I could tough it out.....guess I was wrong.

I'm actually playing some poker again. saw fit to give me $25 to open an account with them....never one to pass up the opportunity to play some penny poker, I've been dabbling over the last few days with some .10/.20 NL games. They're soft, but I've been playing pretty loose and just having some fun rather that trying to really build the bankroll. I have no idea what the requirements are to actually cash out with the money, but don't really care either. So I played a few hands this morning, lost $10 over successive hands when my limp in on stellar hands like 10-9s and Q-Js from early position saw me flop top pair both times. On both hands I put in pot sized bets and had the BB call me down both times and see them catch trips on the turn to take down nice pots with stellar BB hands like Q-7os (trip 7s) and 10-4os (trip 4s) to my top two pair both times......sigh. Table was pretty much calling any minimal raise (say .60) and folding to anything over that. So in both hands, I wasn't in position to toss a huge raise out there, so the better option would have been to fold, but suited connectors are sold, and it was free money, so meehhhh.

Just finished setteling up my outstanding tax bill with the city of I mentioned before (I think) our house in Reynoldsburg (and in the Pickerington School District) actually sits in the city of Colubus city limits, thus we have owed them a 0.5% income tax since moving in (2001). So Merry Christmas least we done with it and can now sell the house with no issues and move to Johnstown.

Headed out to the construction company tomorrow to do the carpet, lights, etc for the house....basically spending our $10k upgrade allowance and trying not to go overboard. Then back home to do some packing and then get ready to watch the Buckeyes/Georgetown game tomorrow night. Then off to Montreal on Sunday for a two day conference on Mon/Tues. Thankfully I've been able to avoid any heavy travel for the month of April, so the moving and closing should be safe from any issues....not to mention the vacation at the end of the month.

Of course this is going to come back to haunt me, boss mentioned two trips to China between now and October, as well as 1-2 trips to Mexico on top of the normal travel. Will see if they actually happen.

Having trouble getting excited by the sale of the house....we'll be in a small, dumpy rental property in Johnstown while the construction is going on.....Going to be a rough 6-9 months until we can move into the new home. At least I won't have any grass to mow for the summer.

Time to get back to work.....btw, do any of the gand know anything about any Blogger Tourneys getting started for the WSOP??? Please drop me a comment if you know of anything brewing.


Monday, March 19, 2007

Sitting in te Hartford, CT Airport

Just finished a vendor audit and I'm enjoying the free wireless here in Hartford while waiting to get home. Halfway through a Ten Penny Ale (yummy) and waiting for a burger and fries for dinner before hitting the 6:30 flight home.

On the home front, we are successfully in contract on our house. The offer I mentioned below was finalized on Friday afternoon and we're all set. The home inspection is scheduled for Friday morning, and barring any issues, we'll be out of here by April 19th. Can't believe it.

We'll be in temp housing (ie, small rental property) while the new house is being built. Hopefully, we'll be in the new place in around 6 months, which means October...but we're hoping sooner, as we'd like to get setteled before the school year starts, but I doubt that a 4 month build is possible. We have a meeting on Sat to start working on some of the design elements for the house already....have to meet with all of the specialists (excavator, driveway, builder, waste, etc) as we'll be on well water and a private septic system, so all of that fun to deal with. Jen said she's been getting phone calls all day, so she's already going a bit nuts, but we're just happy that the house sold as fast as it we have to get out in four weeks.....ugh.

Burger just arrived, so I need to take care of that before it gets cold....ttfn.

Friday, March 16, 2007

So Shoot Me!!!!

I know, over a month and no post....I have not died or been injured in any way, just extremely busy with too much to do. But since I caught some crap from a certain Ogre last night, I thought I would go ahead and update quickly this morning.....

Poker has been pretty non-existant...I had picked up $25 on for getting a new player to sign up, had worked that up to about $50 playing .05/01. NL games here and there. Played a bit while travelling in Dallas last week and proceeded to loose the entire $50 when I dropped one $25 buy-in when my AA was cracked after flopping a set on a flush draw board to a guy that wanted to gamble on his draw....he hit it on the river and I dropped $25 to him....not much I can do when the fish want to play J-10 suited, see and A and two clubs hit the board, call my pot sized bet and then call my all-in when he misses on the turn and wants to gamble on one card....whatever.

So I'm tilted a bit and toss the other $25 on the table.....loose a bit when a couple of flush draws of mine don't hit, down to about $15 when I hit KK in the BB....5 limpers in front of me and I jump up to $4 (again....05/.10 table). Get two callers to see a flop of Q-7-10 rainbow. Check to me, I push my $11 into the $14 pot and get a caller with QJos....of course the J hits the river and he scoops the pot from my KK....perfect flop for me to make some money and the poker gods decided to toss down the 5 outer to the fish again. online poker account is empty, and I have no cash to reload, or any way to reload thanks to the US Government. So little to no poker will be played for the time being. Hoping that the blogger events will start again soon for the WSOP events.

In other news, work is kicking my projects every day to try and get done. Now I'm trying to schedule a vendor conference on April 12th here in Columbus.....fantastic. Trying to pull together 12 vendors and internal VP schedules should be a great time.

Finally...we received an offer on our house yesterday after 7 days on the market....they seriously low-balled us and asked for the moon with closing costs and inspections....we countered this morning, but probably won't budge if they don't take it and will see what happens in the coming weeks. Have had great feedback on the showings we've had so far, so I'm optimistic that we'll get more offers in the coming weeks.

OK...back to work now...ttfn.