Friday, December 09, 2005

Let the weelend begin

Finally have my room at the IP...took them 5 hours to get it ready...thankfully I found a very fun table of $5 BJ and broke even after 4 hours of a half dozen gin and tonics...wheeeee.

time to go find some bloggers and play some poker.

more later.

1:45am (Vegas) - played 2/4 limit at MGM Grand for abour 4 hours,....made $20, so at least I finished ahead...was more fun meeting Pauly, Iggy, April, etc and watching Wil, Phil Gordon and Paul Phillips play some poker as well. Drink a good bit of Gin and hit the wall about midnight, so gathered up a group and headed back to the IP. Time for some sleep and such to get ready for teh tourney tomorrow at 10am.


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