Monday, December 18, 2006

Buzz wearing off

I think I'm finally coming down from Saturday....I had forgotten what a nice rush it is to win a poker tourney of any kind, as it has been quiet some time since I was able to do so....mostly because I have not played much tourney poker outside the BPT over the past few months. Between work and home (and WoW), just hasn't been much time to play poker online. Now that I have some cash on again, I'll probably look to play some tourneys again and try and continue to improve my game for this Saturday's big event.....20 player shoot-out for a trip to Australia in January for the Aussie Million. Only chance I have to make it, as I think Mike has the blogger event coverage trip all taken care of over on his site. Mike has already posted some of the key hands from the flopped straight that propelled me to the chip lead, etc....I'll try and find more later tonight on, but no promises. Best of luck to all players on Saturday.

The rest of the weekend was pretty much a blur....dealt some blackjack on Sat evening for a office party hosted at the home of the manager/owner of said office....needless to say the house was a mansion, which probably could have held the contents of our house in the garage....the place was huge....the party was held in the 'basement'...IE, walk-out entertainment room (wet bar, big screen TV, etc). Enough room for 50 people, including 2 blackjack tables, 1 poker table and 1 craps table. Had a great time talking with everyone and dealing the games...the tip from the host was nice as well at the end of the night. Everyone had a great time, and I hope to be invited back next year to deal the party again.

Didn't get home until after 1am, so the 8am wake-up call to try and get moving on Sunday was rough...needless to say we didn't get on the road until 10am (instead of 9am), which put us behind for the entire day. But, we weren't last to the cookie walk, and beat Santa to the family party (pics later) and were still home by 7:30pm last night.....exhausted, but home. Jen was able to come home from work early (YEAH) and we actually got to sit and watch the Survivor finale for a change. I was pulling for Ozzie, but Yul won 5-4 on the voting and took down the $1 Million. Then off to bed and a start to another hectic week.

Time to get some work done and suck down some more coffee....ttfn.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


Was able to finally play and concentrate in the blogger tourney today on in most part to my mother-in-law being with us this weekend and watching the kids for the afternoon. And it paid off....first place, $125 and qualified in 20th for the tourney and a chance to play for the trip to the Aussie Millions in January. Made 20th by 3 points, so it ended up that I had to win the event to get enough points.

Couple of big hands that propelled me to the final table were a flopped straight against KK that I took out a large stack, and then a flopped set of Js that took out two players (QQ and AK I believe)...I'll post more when I have a chance to get the hand histories from site is doing maintenance and I can't get them right now.

No more time to post right now...have to get ready to deal at a charity event now.


Friday, December 08, 2006

'Nuff Said

Some cool news from UB....just received a note saying that they miss me and they've loaded me with $100 in cash to come back and play on the site. I'll need to accumulate 100 UB points to get access to the cash (about 200 hands), and they're running their UltimePoint conversion this week again, so if I get enough points, then I can start converting my points on the site back into more it looks like I'll be firing up UB over the next few days to try and earn a bit of cash on the site.

Steelers won another game last night....while I love seeing tem beat the Browns, it's bittersweet after the expectations for the team to come back and defend their SB title. Going on a run now lowers their draft pick status into the middle of the pack. While 9-7 may be a 'save' to the season, there is no true value in it, other than pointing out the games they should have won all season.

In other news....found out today after returning from two days in NJ that I'm back on a plane on Monday am to head to TX for three days to perform a sort on some mis-labeled products...wheee what fun. Was ok with the trip before realizing that I'll miss Ashely's first Christmas recital for school on Tuesday night. Not happy at all about missing it (neither is Jen). Hoping to find someone to go along with her to help with the kids and the video camera. Will see what happens.

time to get back to work....ttfn

Monday, December 04, 2006

Post Blogger Tourney, OSU and Steelers

Well...looks like all my boasting about going to Australia in Jan is for naught. I busted pretty early in the tourney on Sat when my JJ in EP (blinds 10-20) and my bump to 120 is called by the BB only. Flopped a set with 2 spades on the board. He checks, I make a 3/4 size pot bet, he calls, third spade hits the turn, he checks, I make another 1/2 pot bet, he goes all in. I figure he's representing the flush and trying to get me to fold my set...I call...he has the K high flush and I hit a blank on the river. He called the pre-flop raise with K-10 spades I believe and catches the flush to drown my set. One more event to go and I doubt that a final table or win will get me in the top 20....will see how it goes on the 16th.

The National Champ game has been set...OSU vs FL on Jan 8 for all the marbles. I didn't watch the FL game over the weekend, and missed the USC meltdown as well. Congrats to FL for coming to the slaughter house for a whipping by OSU. Can't wait. I do feel sorry for Michigan, as I think they are proably the legit #2 team in the country....they could probably beat USC or FL if given the chance. But they had their shot at OSU in a game that should have been a larger margin of victory for OSU if not for the three turnovers we gave Michigan to allow them to stay in the game. Take the turnovers away and we beat them by 17 and no one is talking about them as a legit #2.

The Steelers won a game....wheee....watched most of the game, but it was pretty ugly, as Ben was still under pressure for most of the game, and the running attack was anemic. Hoping we land a couple of monster O-linemen in the off season to get that fixed.

Not much more to speak of. Off to NJ tomorrow evening for a couple of days, so I'l probably be pretty quiet on the blog.