Tuesday, July 31, 2007

House update

Stopped by the house last night...septic system is almost completed (tanks in, drainage trenched and laid out) and internal plumbing is going in. All the tubs/showers have been installed, so we're excited about seeing something in the house rather than studs and windows. Jen will be able to do laps in her bathtub in the master bath, so she's excited about that. Not to mention the girls can't wait to use the tub as well, so there may be some fighting on who gets to use the big tub on batch nights.

Septic should finish today with inspection tomorrow. Siding should start going up today as well. We have our meeting with the construction foreman tomorrow to discuss lighting placement, wall outlets, phone and cable outlets, etc. Should be fun.

Signed up to take some local classes at the Home Depot on laying tile and ideas for a wireless house this weekend...should be fun.

Survived the big lay-off here at work last week. Trying to recover now and get the new boss up to speed on what I'm doing...always fun to train the boss on what to do.



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