Monday, December 04, 2006

Post Blogger Tourney, OSU and Steelers

Well...looks like all my boasting about going to Australia in Jan is for naught. I busted pretty early in the tourney on Sat when my JJ in EP (blinds 10-20) and my bump to 120 is called by the BB only. Flopped a set with 2 spades on the board. He checks, I make a 3/4 size pot bet, he calls, third spade hits the turn, he checks, I make another 1/2 pot bet, he goes all in. I figure he's representing the flush and trying to get me to fold my set...I call...he has the K high flush and I hit a blank on the river. He called the pre-flop raise with K-10 spades I believe and catches the flush to drown my set. One more event to go and I doubt that a final table or win will get me in the top 20....will see how it goes on the 16th.

The National Champ game has been set...OSU vs FL on Jan 8 for all the marbles. I didn't watch the FL game over the weekend, and missed the USC meltdown as well. Congrats to FL for coming to the slaughter house for a whipping by OSU. Can't wait. I do feel sorry for Michigan, as I think they are proably the legit #2 team in the country....they could probably beat USC or FL if given the chance. But they had their shot at OSU in a game that should have been a larger margin of victory for OSU if not for the three turnovers we gave Michigan to allow them to stay in the game. Take the turnovers away and we beat them by 17 and no one is talking about them as a legit #2.

The Steelers won a game....wheee....watched most of the game, but it was pretty ugly, as Ben was still under pressure for most of the game, and the running attack was anemic. Hoping we land a couple of monster O-linemen in the off season to get that fixed.

Not much more to speak of. Off to NJ tomorrow evening for a couple of days, so I'l probably be pretty quiet on the blog.



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