Friday, December 08, 2006

'Nuff Said

Some cool news from UB....just received a note saying that they miss me and they've loaded me with $100 in cash to come back and play on the site. I'll need to accumulate 100 UB points to get access to the cash (about 200 hands), and they're running their UltimePoint conversion this week again, so if I get enough points, then I can start converting my points on the site back into more it looks like I'll be firing up UB over the next few days to try and earn a bit of cash on the site.

Steelers won another game last night....while I love seeing tem beat the Browns, it's bittersweet after the expectations for the team to come back and defend their SB title. Going on a run now lowers their draft pick status into the middle of the pack. While 9-7 may be a 'save' to the season, there is no true value in it, other than pointing out the games they should have won all season.

In other news....found out today after returning from two days in NJ that I'm back on a plane on Monday am to head to TX for three days to perform a sort on some mis-labeled products...wheee what fun. Was ok with the trip before realizing that I'll miss Ashely's first Christmas recital for school on Tuesday night. Not happy at all about missing it (neither is Jen). Hoping to find someone to go along with her to help with the kids and the video camera. Will see what happens.

time to get back to work....ttfn


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