Monday, November 13, 2006

Steelers Win - Blogger Update

Wow...the Steelers won a game...figured I may as well post something as well. Happy to see them finally play a decent game, although I am still not happy with the way the Defense has played this season, and now to have Troy and Townsend banged up with concussions with some critical divisional games looming on the horizon....not good.

OSU is preparing for the biggest game of the decade when the A$$holes from Ann Arbor show up in Columbs this week in a historic 1 vs 2 match up with a berth in the national championship game on the line. Bucks looked real good this last weekend in blowing out Northwestern, so that's a plus. Predicting that OSU will win again in comfortable fashion.

Poker has been on a bit of an upswing....played a bit in the evenings while travelling this last week on Pretty much broke even for the trip with some modest gains and subsequent losses from session to session, mainly plaing 2/4 limit. Pretty bad players for the most part, calling with any two cards, chasing to the river, etc...but it is low limit, so that's to be expected. I love the whiners that start ranting when their AA gets cracked by someone when they slowplay the monster and then get caught with their pants down when someone with 9-3os flops trips or 2 pair.....funny stuff.

I haven't been able to crack any tourneys lately. I've played enough on to qualify for the nightly and weekly freerolls, but no luck in any of them.....either miss the tourney due to dinner/work or get sucked out by someone....or make a couple of bad calls and loose chunks of my stack. Played in the 10K freeroll yesterday...made it through the first break and then was getting blinded away while picking up Danielle at a birthday party...came home to find myself still in the tourney, but down to 650....picked up suited AK and pushed, getting 2 big stack callers (A-Q and 10-10)...caught the A on the flop and tripled up to around 1900. Missed a couple of flops with blinds at 100/200 and fell down to 1200....pushed with 55 in mid position on an unopened pot....BB with 4000 called with K-10 suited, I survived the flop, but watched and K hit the turn and a 10 on the river to seal my fate. Why call 1/4 of your stack pre-flop with a suited K-10? In hindsight I should have tried a stop and go with the flop....modest raise pre-flop and then push on the A...but no telling who would have called behind me with a weak A and I would have been toast anyway.....oh least it was a freeroll.

Looking forward to the blogger tourney this weekend during the OSU game. Hoping to pick up some more points this week and get a crack at the top 20 as the season winds down. Congrats to all that have played well to date...I'm still planning on qualifying and winning, so you've been warned again.



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