Monday, September 25, 2006


I can't come up with anything better to describe the home loss by the Steelers yesterday afternoon. While the running game got on track against a weak Cincy D, 5 turnovers just doesn't cut the mustard in the NFL. And with two of those picks coming in the Cincy endzone, taking away at least 6 points, if not 14, is just NFL suicide. So we handed a game to Cincy and are now two games out of first after playing three....Some way to start the season for the World Champions. Here's hoping that Ben gets a ton of practice in over the bye week and is ready to light up the scoreboard in San Diego in two weeks....sigh.

Buckeyes held on to win and maintain their #1 status for another week. Will need a better performance against Iowa, as USC and Auburn are nipping at their heals in both polls and could overtake them if OSU doesn't perform like the #1 team in the country.

Poker is still on the backburner at the moment...bankroll is depleted and I'm hoping to catch one of the freerolls to start the rebuilding process yet again. This is the time of year that I went on a tear last year, so I'm hoping to recreate that bit of magic at the tables this fall once I get some cash online again. Trying to avoid paying any upcharges, but may have to sooner or later. Thankfully I'm travelling a lot over the next month or so, so I won't have much time to stress about not playing poker.

time for some work....ttfn.


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