Friday, October 27, 2006

long time

Wish I had alot of comments for all of you to write about after taking almost the entire month off from blogging. The Buckeyes are still #1 and the Steelers are still struggling to find a groove and start winning some ball games.

The month has been good, but nothing outstanding. Lots of work travel, birthday parties for the kids and now I'm fighting a pretty bad head/chest cold to end the month. sigh.

Poker has dropped to almost non-existent for me. I've stopped playing on UB and have been almost exclusively on for the past 2 months when I do play. I'm pretty much just messing around with $1/2 limit or $0.25/0.50 NL to get a poker fix in. I have to say that I could probably make some good money again if I spent more time playing, but for some reason the passion and drive just isn't there to play right now. I'm up about $150 over the past month or so playing the lower limts, as the players on are not that strong and constantly slow-play and give away free cards when they shouldn't. Two things I don't like about the site: you can't see a players mucked cards at showdown, I do like to see what they call down with when they get beat, and the site is not supported by PokerTracker. Otherwise the interface is pretty good and the players are loose, so that's good.

One hand in particular that shows the caliber of players....I see KQos in the BB on my first hand on the table the other day ($1/2 limit). Two players limp in, SB calls and I see a free flop. A-J-x rainbow, giving me a straight draw. I'm guessing that at least one of the limpers has Ax and decide to see what happens by leading out on the flop after the SB checks to me. Everyone calls, confirming that at least one A is sitting out there, along with probably Jx and something else. Turn misses my straight, but I lead out again to see what happens. EP calls, LP folds and SB calls again. A miracle 10 hits the river, giving my my nut straight. I lead out again and get called by both players. Now, I have no idea what they had, as they both mucked to my straight, but the EP player went on tilt for me hitting my 4 outer for the straight. I retorted that if he had a winning hand, he should have bet it rather than letting me dictate the action. If he had shown any strength in the hand by reraising, I would have folded when I missed on the turn. No one listened, as I was able to see many free flops from the BB, catch alot of cards late for flushes an boats that I should not have been able to see if anyone was the least bit aggressive with the betting. Oh well....I like the passive play by the players there...just wish there was a bonus structure like UB.

Not much else to discuss.....This cold is killing me and I'm getting pretty disgusted with feeling like crap all the time. Time to get back to work I guess.



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