Friday, September 08, 2006

Steelers Perfect Season gets underway

Hello again all. I know, I've been a major slacker the past couple of weeks with updates. Sue me.

Here's a run down of recent events....

Poker - Ended August up a modest $150 according to PokerTracker. September has started well with a +$160 uptick to the bankroll in two meager sessions....the bulk of that coming yesterday in a quick +$105 session on UB. I have played a couple of the elimination poker tourneys on UB as time wasters....serious money drain for me playing blackjack online...I have to continue to fight the urge to sit down for 10 minutes and playing BJ to get a gambling fix. Online BJ is an evil, evil thing.

WoW - Still playing WoW...trying to slow down the time that I'm playing, as there have been a few comments from the lovely wife on my new addiction, and I have to agree that I have been playing too much. I'm now caught up with Tom and Burton though (lvl 33) and that was my goal, so now we can spend more time questing on a level playing field. Still a great game though.

Work - been in Chicago and Rhode Island the past couple of weeks. Headed to NJ, Wisconsin and back to NJ ini the coming weeks, so no rest for the wicked.

Steelers - and finally my beloved Steelers. Started off the season with a nice win last night over the fish from Miami. Batch looked ok, as did the team as a whole. Santonio Holmes needs to keep his head screwed on straight as a punt don't fair catch on the four yard line, or bring it out of the end zone from three yards deep on a punt from midfield...both returns had the Steelers starting deep in the end zone...thankfully a couple of defensive penalties helped them dig their way out and win the game. The pass to Miller was a thing of beauty, as was the running of Parker during crunch time late in the game. Defense looked good most of the night, swarming over Brown and holding him to 30 yards rushing. Was nice to see a win with a solid defensive effort and typical Steelers offense. Steelers Special Teams looked pretty weak thoguh...they were burned for a number of onf punt/Ko returns, and added nothing of their own to spark the team and win the field position battle. Good thing the defense showed up to bail us out. Looking forward to Ben coming back soon though.

If I had one complaint about the game it was the officiating....the blown pass interference call in the first quarter was obvious. The late hit on Batch on a scramble when he did the feet first slide and Zack Thomas crushed him was another. But the officials did assist with a couple of minor calls against the fins to keep us moving, so it all balanced out. Saban will get ripped for the late challenge to the Miller TD....clearly out of bounds (another blown call), but the late challenge was terrible on Saban's part. Would have given the Steelers the ball on the 1-2 yard line, and most likely a score to tie or go ahead, but we did fumble one other time at the five, so strange things can happen.

time for work...ttfn


At 10:23 AM, Anonymous Ohio Ogre said...

Here we go Steelers, Here we go!

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