Friday, August 25, 2006

Friday morning

Wow...can't believe it's Friday and the last full week of August has passed us by. Amazing how time flies.

Actually played some poker last night...was able to steal a couple of pots from weak players and then have my hands hold up when they hit...walked with a tidy $194 in profit, which seriously helped the bankroll. No hands to speak of, but my AA held up when I slowplayed to a pre-flop raise (cold call in late position) to see a ragged flop of low cards...pre-flop raiser (UTG) fired, 2 players folded and I cold call again. Second club hits the turn and I re-raise his bet. Third club hits the river (I had Ace of clubs) and he check-calls my river bet, turning over 9-9 to my AA...he did have a gutshot straight draw on the river but missed and then paid me off with his mid-pair, which I was thankful for.

My only suck-out of the session was hanging around for no reason with AKs on a missed flop and turn, calling min bets in a multi-way flop and catching a K on the river to win the pot against QQ that had been leading the betting....any shows of strength and I would have been gone, but with 4 people calling down the pot, it was too good to let it go...donkey poker, I know, but sometimes it pays off.

Best hand of the session, came when I get to see a free flop with 4 limpers with 62 suited...flop comes down 3-2-2 and I'm figuring I'm in good shape. I check from the BB and call the single bet (as do the 3 others). Turn brings another 3 and now I'm in great shape, barring a A3 or something like that...not putting anyone on 33 at this point, although it is a possibility. I check, MP bets, 1 fold, a call and I raise. MP calls and LP folds. The poker gods smile on me and deliver the case 2 on the river, putting a boat on the board, but giving me quads....I bet, MP raises, I reraise and he caps the pot, showing his slowplayed AA and rivered boat and watching me rake the pot with quads from my monster 62s. He pretty much melted down at the table, and i reminded him that he limped with his AA and let me see the flop for free, after which, he was behind the entire hand. He shut up after that and soon left the table. Slow playing AA is nothing but trouble.

Not sure if I'll get any poker time in over the weekend...Jen is working tonight and tomorrow night, so I'll be managing the kids for the evening. Bath night tonight should be a fun time, as Alan has developed a healthy fear of bath time for some reason. At least the girls are used to the routine, and Danielle is almost completly on her own in the bath now, so that will help out. Not to mention balancing time with WoW after the kids go to bed....anyway, time to run.



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