Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Poker Update

Haven't had much to write about on the poker front, but felt it was time to recap the last two months. I'm happy to say that I am running positive again Since Aug 1...here is a quick breakdown.

Aug 2006: +164 over 885 hands with a 1.85 BB/hr rate.
---Aug would have been much better if not for a single terrible session of -$390 where I tilted against a table full of donkey players that all had horseshoes shoved up their backsides. But I'll take a positive month wherever I can.

Sept 2006 (to date): +$515 over 457 hands with a 11.28 BB/hr rate.
---I love these numbers....I've run 7 positive sessions in a row for a much needed boost to the bankroll. Was finally able to make a withdraw from the online account for a car payment and some much needed RAM for the computer. I'm not playing much, but the sessions have been good to me.

I decided to play a bit this morning over a fresh cup of coffee before work. Sat down at a full $5/10 table (10 players) and end up with two very loose players with huge bankrolls to my left (one had over a grand, the other with $800). The most you can buy into the $5/10 game on Ub is $500, and most buy in for less than that....so either these guys had been running well or they padded their stack after sitting down at the table. I think you can add chips over the $500 mark after sitting at the table, but I'm not 100% sure on that.

Anyway, I have no PT notes on either of these guys, so I decide to see what happens...I wait for the BB and catch garbage on my first hand....bleh. UTG (with $1K - known as $$ now) fires in a raise and 3 people call him....I have decent pot odds to call, so I do to see a flop miss me completly. I check, he fires another bet in, both otehr players call and I fold. End result was that he was playing the aggressor from UTG with 9-10 suited and tried to buy the pot that he completly missed on against a slow played KK in late position that took down an easy pot. So now I know that he's a little loose and will try and bully pots.

A couple of hands later I catch big slick in late position with $$ on the button. One limper ahead of me and I raise. $$ reraises and the blinds fold, Limper calls, I cap and everyone else calls. Flop comes down rainbow K-9-3...looking good for me so far. Check to me, I bet, $$ raises, EP calls, I reraise, $$ caps, EP folds and I call....I can't put him on a great hand at this point, as he's played every hand much the same way since I sat down...he could have anything at this point. A J hits the turn, giving a straight possibility now if he has Q-10, and gives me a gutshot for a 10 along with my TPTK. I bet, he raises and I call at this point, as I'm now cautious that he may have a real hand here. A 8 hits the river, which gives a few more straight possibilities to the board, but my TPTK still looks strong. I bet, he raises a final time and I call to see him flip over 8-3os and rake a very nice pot away from me.....so that is how he's been making his money.....

So now I'm down about $70 and I've played 2 hands out of the first round of play....great way to start the day......sigh.

Things turn around a bit when $$ hits a down turn and looses about $200 over three straight hands. I take the last bit from him on the following huge hand....

I'm in LP again with A3 suited in hearts....$$ is on the button again and I fully expect the raise form him, so I limp in with 3 others ahead of me, willing to pay an extra $5 to see the flop, but not wanting to initiate the raise/re-raise war that will ensue with $$. He does raise and the BB, along with the rest of the table (5 in all) see a flop. A solid flop for me comes with A-6-8, with the 6-8 in hearts....so I get top pair, terrible kicker, but more importantly the nut flush draw. Check to me and I bet with the Aces and draw...$$ reraises (as his MO) and one other calls his raise, as do I. A lovely J of hearts hits the turn and I do a slow happy dance....EP checks to me, I bet and watch $$ reraise and EP call....now I have a decision....do I re-re-raise with the nut flush or wait until the river to try the same play, fully expecting the same betting sequence regardless of what falls on the river? I decide to hit the pot here and pop it another $10...$$ now caps (as I kinda expected), EP CALLS and I call very happily. A fourth heart hits the river (the 3 I think) and we go through the motions again....check to me, I bet, $$ calls this time, EP re-raises me...I pop it again, $$ calls and EP caps....I call and watch my nut flush take down a huge pot against the second nut flush (K-J os) in EP and A-5os from $$. This puts me positive for the session by about $60 bucks or so.

So the coffee is gone and I'm still sitting positive around $50 bucks and playing out the last round when $$ and I tangle again. I get dealt A-8 suited on the button and raise a folded pot around the table....$$ in SB calls and we watch a flop of A-J-7 rainbow hit. Against him, I like my A-8 now and bet into him and watch him raise as usual...I just call at this point, as A-8 is good, but not terrific in this situation. I check-call him on the turn and watch an 8 hit the river for my two pair....which I believe is golden against this guy. I check-raise on his river bet and he calls to turn over A-3os and I scoop a $80 pot with a nice $40 profit. He then chats that he can't believe he didn't win the hand with A3os when he was behind the entire hand...was funny to watch him rant a bit as I sit out my blind, wait for PT to collect the hand history and log off for the day with a nice $90 in profit. The table was down to 5 players at this point anyway and I didn't want to butt heads with $$ every hand, as everyone else was running scared from him....not to mention I needed to get to work and all. Nice start to the day though.

Not much to speak of otherwise. Huge Buckeye win over the weekend. I think I lost my first round in the fantasy football league here at work by about a point thanks to a late TD reception by Gates last night....guy has 2 catches and makes one of them a TD to beat me....sigh.

Back to work now...ttfn.


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