Saturday, October 07, 2006

Blogger tourney

Short and sweet today...knocked out on first hand of tourney. Wish I could say it was a terrible suck-out or something, but here it goes.

I'm in the BB with A5 spades.
ReplicantPoker (last tourney winner) opens from early position with a bet of 165. Fold around to Mada1970 who calls from the SB, as do I.

Flop comes down 9-6-7 with two spades, giving me a nut flush and gut-shot draw. Replicant checks from EP and Mada puts 1000 into the pot. I put him on a steal, as this is a strange overbet from middle position. I put him to the test and go all in with my draws...Replicant folds stating that he has JJ and Mada calls me....and shows 44. Basically went all in with bottom pair and no draws. Alas, my read was correct, but none of the spades, an 8 or and A falls on the turn or river and I'm the first one out of the tourney.

Not too upset, as Jen was working and I needed to fix dinner for the kids, so not all that broken up over it. Will be looking for Mada next time if he's willing to risk his chips like that again.


Tourney finished....
Natsdad finished in first with

all finishing in the money...Mada1970 was able to ride that first hand chipstack to 16th place. ReplicantPoker ended up in 57th and EgonOlsen in 55th. Until next time.



At 1:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,

you n snapman need to have a last longer prop bet today, considering he was "first handed" in week 1...

Good luck today!



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