Saturday, September 23, 2006

Blogger Tourney

Getting ready to start at 4pm est. 75 players entered so far with $500 in prizes up for grabs, as well as the first set of points towards the season finale tourney for the trip to the AussieMillions. More updates as the tourney starts.

3:55pm - tables are set...can't recall anyone at my table from last season, but that could just be my memory. Starting with 2000 in chips, $125 to first place, and a bounty on Shane from Will see what happens.

4:01 - took down the first hand...just the blinds. cawtbluffin and lightening36 at my table.

4:06 - picked up 2 hands in a row...sitting at 2240 right now

4:22 - lost a nice hand to cawtbluffin when he reraised my pocket 7s and got me to fold with his pocket 5s. Sitting at 1585 now.

4:30 - still sitting around 1500...can't get anything going and i have large stacks bracketing me now.

4:37 - doubled up through the chip leader when my 44 held up against his AQos.

4:43 - doubled up again trough the chip leader on a flopped flush against his AA. He had just finished off another player when he called an all in with second pair on the flop and he turned trips to knock out TPTK.

4:54 - 2 straight doubles.....KK gets me started....then my 55 hits a set on the river. 7655 now.

5:01 - Break time. I have Shane sitting to my right and I probably could have taken him out on a hand when he had a set of 10s and I flopped a straight...I avoided risking too much as there was a flush on the board that had me worried and kept me from betting too hard at the pot. I'm in 4th place with 7280 in chips with 47 of 75 players remaining. Top 10 get cash and then the points towards the championship. I think I can take out burnley1 (chip leader) as he's playing alot of pots and leaning on the table with his big stack. Tedns to overplay a bit though, so I think I can get him again, as I've doubled thgough him three times already.

5:14 - Shane just busted after getting crippeled on a bluff gone bad when he ran into a made hand, then his Ax ran into AA and he was gone. I'm in 6th with 43 remaining.

5:23 - card dead for awhile....moved tables as well, so got away from the big stack for a bit. 9th place with 30 remaining.

5:37 - 19 left, still running ok. Have the big stack to my left yet again....sigh. 9th place.

5:58 - Knocked out in 15th...had 66 in the SB with 5000 in chips....two big stacks limp in with blinds at 500/100 and I push to try and buy the pot. BB calls off his last 500, then EP limper calls the bet as 66 against AQos and A8os....I survive the flop only to see a Q hit the turn and no 6 on the river. Surprised BobbyOlsen called off a third of his stack with AQos but I guess a top 15 out of 75 isn't too bad to start the season.

OSU winning 14-3 with 7:38 left in the game. PSU just jumped offside on a 4th and goal on the run to end up kicking a FG to draw within 8.

Here's the final money results from the tourney...congrats to all.

1 - ReplicantPoker
2 - Michael1965
3 - Irongirl
4 - BobbyOlsen
5 - JCL514
6 - natsdad
7 - Quackpot
8 - Hacksaw2000
9 - astinaguy
10 - brodoughno

I had hoped to link to their blogs, but can't easily find them in the blog list. Overall it was a decent tourney, but I didn;t see any spectacular play at any of my tables. I played ok, but need to get back into the swing of tourney poker, as I have played almost exclusively limit, which definately effects my decision making and betting in tourneys. Looking for better performance in a few weeks at the next event.



At 10:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

good seeing you at the BPT Event 1...

Looking forward to seeing ya in the Main event at the final table...



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