Thursday, September 21, 2006

Poker Blogger Tour you can see, the PBT is getting ready to start, as the ad link over on the right side is now updated to the Aussie Million in January. I want to go on this trip so bad I can taste it. Australia has always been a dream destination for me, so getting an chance to go and play poker would be an absolute blast. I registered on this morning, and there is a low turnout at this point for the freeroll on Sunday. I expect it will pick up over the next couple of days as people get the info and get registered. Hoping to do well on Sunday to revitalize a depleted bankroll. I'm also planning on live-blogging the event, as their giving away a second trip to the Aussie Million to the blogger that gives the best coverage of the qualifying events to have them attend the tourney and blog the coverage...which would also be really sweet.

Poker has continued to be on a downswing for me....dropped my limits and switched over to $0.25/0.50 NL with $25 buy-in....dropped 2 straight buy-ins as my TPTK ran into turned flush draws both times I pushed the pot. If someone is willing to push all their money into the pot on the flush draw, I can't do anything about it except wait for the odds to catch up with them and the money start flowing my way. But 0-2 so far on winning that race.

Took the girls rollerskating last night. First time that either of them have been on real skates (not the strap over shoes, in the driveway skates). They both tried very hard and Danielle is getting the hang of it. Ashley was very tired (fell asleep in the car before skating) and got pretty frustrated by the skating and wanted to play games instead, but we kept to the skating. Danielle showed a ton of independence by going out on the rink and trying her best to skate by herself as I stayed with Ashley....very proud of both of them.

Not much else going on. Planning a trip to China for November, heading to NJ and then Canada over the next couple of weeks. Busy, busy, busy.



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