Monday, November 20, 2006


GO BUCKEYES!!!!! One of the best college football games that I've seen in a number of years happened on this past Saturday afternoon. OSU and UM slugged it out and I'm sure all of the players are feeling the pain of that game today. On the OSu side, they've completed a perfect season, going wire-to-wire in the polls and finishing with the first BCS perfect score of 1.000. Congrats to the Buckeyes. Hoping that USC takes care of business on Saturday in beating ND and leapfrogging UM in the polls to get the shot at the National Championship agains the Buckeyes.

Hitting a dry spell of poker burning drive to play over the past couple of weeks. Missed the Blogger tourney on on Sat due to the OSU game and the friends we had over for the game. Still finished at 55 out of 104 to pick up some points, but the pressure will be on for me to play well and finish high in the next (last) two tourneys to try and crack the top 20 and make it to the qualifier tourney. I still vow that I will be there at the end to get the trip to Australia.

Holidays are starting to ramp up in full stream. Jen just sent me the December event calendar and it's going to take me 20 minutes to update my calendar here at work to keep track of everything. Going to be a crazy month. Steelers have won two in a row in very un-inspiring fashion. A come from behind win in Cleveland was a nice win, but the three fluke interceptions were troublesome to say the least. I figure that they have to win out and get lucky to even have a chance at the playoffs. They have to leap frog the following teams to try and get a wildcard spot, as the division is pretty muh Baltimore's to loose by going into the tank....

1 Indianapolis 9-1-0 (div leader)
2 Baltimore 8-2-0 (2 to play against Pittsburgh) (div leader)
3 San Diego 8-2-0 (div leader)
4 New England 7-3-0 (div leader)
5 Denver 7-3-0
6 Kansas City 6-4-0
7 Jacksonville 5-4-0
8 N.Y. Jets 5-5-0
9 Cincinnati 5-5-0 (1 to play against Pittsburgh)
10 Pittsburgh 4-6-0

11 Buffalo 4-6-0
12 Miami 4-6-0
13 Houston 3-7-0
14 Cleveland 3-7-0
15 Tennessee 3-7-0
16 Oakland 2-8-0

So, at this point they're 3 games back of Denver and 2 games back of KC for the 2 wildcard slots in the AFC with 6 games to play. Going to be very tough for them to catch Denver or KC with this few games to play, especially with the schedule the Steelers have the rest of the way. Turnovers have plagued the team this year for the first time in a long time. Amazing on how the fine line in the NFL is between winning and loosing is, especially when you start turning the ball over too much.

Time to get to work....take care all.


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