Monday, November 21, 2005

Monday morning

Whoooooooooo....gotta love short work weeks.

Had a decent weekend overall. HUGE Buckeye's game on Sat with the last second win against that team from Michigan...I love nothing more than winning that game every year. wish I was back in Toledo to rub it into some of the diehard UM fans up there. What a great game.

Played some poker over the weekend on UB, Titan and FullTilt. Posted some nice wins on UB at the $5/10 tables, probably cleared $200 over the entire weekend, but maybe a bit more, I know I had one negative session on Sat morning for $160, but had more than enough wins to make up for it over the weekend.

Played some $0.50/$1 NL on Titan, trying to clear my bonus....I've taken the $10 that Titan gave me and worked it up to $160 over the last couple of weeks...starting at 0.25/0.50 limit, turning the $10 into $40 over a couple of weeks, then dropped that $40 onto the NL tables and ran it up to $160 while 'watching' the Steelers game on yesterday. Trying to work off some of the bonus on Titan, but found out that all of the playing at the .25/.50 tables didn't generate enough rake to earn stars on their site, so hopefully the move up in stakes will get me closer to clearing that bonus, especially since I'm basically playing with their money....wheee.

FullTilt wasn't as kind to me...started with $40 on the .50/1 NL tables, worked it up to $70 and then lost the profit on one hand where my A7 suited lost to A8os on an A high flop and I pushed a guy all in...he called with his 'weak' Ace and took about $30 from me....then promptly left the table before I had a chance to get the cash back off of him....schmuck. Ended the session up about $3 as I had to quit for dinner.

All in all a good poker weekend. I have my cash for Vegas at this point, so I'll probably slow down playing at the limit tables and enter a couple of tourneys to work on that over the next 2 weeks....will keep my bankroll intact and still allow me to play some poker in and get ready for Vegas. Of course, if a juicy $5/10 limit table opens on UB, then I'll probably be there to continue to build the bankroll.

Quick note about the Steelers.....I'm pretty sure Maddox has played himself out of Pittsburgh at this point....I believe he's 0-4 in his last 4 starts, and cost the Steelers a game lead in the division yesterday by not beating the Ravens in a close game. No excuse for loosing that game, as they should have had no trouble putting them away. Now, with Ben coming off surgery for a Monday night game in Indy...going to be a tough game for them, especially after watching Indy destroy the Cincy D yesterday....all our DBs better be getting plenty of rest this week, as they're going to be busy next weekend.


At 5:08 PM, Blogger Meek said...

The Steelers game was actually on for the ending. The Browns finished early, so they jumped over to the Steelers. Too bad that neither Pittsburg or Baltimore could score to finish the game so I could watch the Bengals though


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