Thursday, November 17, 2005

Quick update

Was able to grind out two short sessions at $5/10 last night...eeked out a $120 profit when all was said and done. Struggled in the first session, sandwiched between two tight aggressive players with maniacs accross the table...every time the maniacs came into a pot, the tight players re-raised to isolate, which put me in a tough spot to make the call with less than stellar I waited patiently and was able to snag somepots with my tight image and with some timely re-raises to take advantage of a dangerous flop, scareing away the competition. Could have made more at the tables, but with the players around me it was tough to get involved in too many pots.

Still hoping to play live tonight, but both girls are fighting colds, so I'll have to wait and see how they are through the day and what Jen needs to accomplish before I can confirm for the game tonight.


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