Monday, November 14, 2005

The weekend that was

All in all a great weekend...

OSU 48 - Northwestern 7

Pittsburgh 34 - Cleveland 21

$5/10 on UB +$400

No complaints at all....Only stumble came during Bill Rini's Desert Shootout on Sunday afternoon. After getting some great hands early on and taking over the chip lead briefly, the following hands led to my downfall on the bubble to the final table...

my QQ runs into AA
my KK runs into AA
my JJ runs into KK
and finally, my AKs runs into AA

now, the first 5 hands were all while I was in early/mid position and made a standard 3-4x BB raise and was raised by shortstacks behind me, pretty much committing me to call then due to the pot odds and the strength of my hands. Final hand sees me in early position again, but this time an equal sized stack calls me all in...I debate for a second and should have folded, but felt that he may have been weaker and that I would have overcards and the flush possibility...but alas he had AA and I failed to catch the flush draw on the river and was knocked out in 11th place. One more chance next Sunday to qualify for the shootout in Dec.

Speaking of...only 22 days until Vegas.

The $5/10 sessions ove rthe weekend were pretty nice...played pretty tight on Fri & Sat to get +$200 over about 4 different short sessions (+20, +2, +120, +60) then hit a mother load yesterday morning, playing 23 hands over 19 minutes and raping a table for about $220...the deck was hitting me so hard that I broke the table....out of the 23 hands, dealt KK twice, Aa once, QQ once, JJ once and hit 3 A high flushes on the turn or river...all pocket pairs held up and I was a very happy camper.

So the Vegas Bankroll is almost as long as I don't get hit by another huge downswing over the next 3 weeks, I should be all set for Vegas.

Man, I can't say that enough....Vegas in 22 days....

Not to mention that a brand new baby boy is on the way, so expect some cigars on me while in Vegas for anyone interested. Updates on the baby status on the family page if you're interested.

Time for some work now....


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