Monday, November 28, 2005

Weekend update

Sorry for the lack of posts over the weekend...had family in for the holiday and didn't play much poker to speak of.

Quick run down of last 2 weeks of poker.....

15 sessions of $5/10 on UB:
12 positive sessions +932.25
3 negative sessions -782
net +150.50

hmmm....I definately need to look at those negative sessions, as when I loose, I tend to thro caution to the wind and loose big. I can usually tell if a session will be good to me over the first few hands I play....If I go positive early, then I generally do a good job of staying positive and posting a solid session. If I go negative right off the bat, I tend to struggle to make up for it and end up negative. I really need to keep that in mind when I play, as in retrospect, I'd rather walk alway after 10 hands and be down $50, rather than play for 2 hours and loose a buy-in.

My win percentage at 5/10 is pretty good (77%), so I know I should keep mining that limit and continue to build my bankroll, but I just need to have better discipline to get off a table when I'm running cold.

In other poker news....I won a $10 30 man MTT on UB last Wednesday while waiting for my brother to arrive from SC. Finished up the tourney right before they showed up. Was a little disappointed in the payout....$300 in prize money, $105 to the winner (35%)...seems a little weak to profit by $95 for a tourney like that...but I'll take it.

Played in a few freerolls over the weekend...didn;t fair too well in any of them, going out on the plus side of a couple of coin flips early, but they're freerolls, so no harm done.

Not sure when I'll post again...home all week from work, but headed to the hospital tonight with Jen to induce the baby to come out. Doubt the the hospital is WiFi, so no poker playing while waiting for the baby. 8 days til I leave for Vegas, so that's all good as well.

More later in the week....should get some poker in with baby Alan on my lap.


At 6:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you used to play magic the gathering didn't you? i swear i remember playing 5-color with you and kevin cron at a PTQ at vets. i was real young...well, anyways, if that really is you i would love to meet up again sometime. i have been playing for a living the past 2 years and i also have a job where i run free poker tournaments out of bars around columbus. check out our website, please send me an e-mail at and let me know if this is you.

At 7:16 AM, Blogger Meek said...

Those rebuys on Titan are crazy. I stay away because people get so many chips at the beginning. The non-rebuys though, I watch for those like a hawk.


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