Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Groove ups and downs

Quick update at the end of work...played a bit of $5/10 last night...just can't bring myself to let go of my limit game and play NL like I have been posting about...have played a few $0.50/1 Nl sessions with spotty results...won minimal amounts ($10-15) on a few sessions, then lost a buy in ($50) when my AA was run down by KQs with a flush on the river...I bet aggressively on each phase, but he was willing to chase down the flush (hit 4 to the flush on the flop and caught the last heart on the river)...nothing I can do there if they're willing to call down pot sized and larger bets...I knew he was on the flush draw and he was willing to gamble for real mis-givings about the pot, other than the varience in the bankroll.

Back to the $5/10 last night....started out with another very tight session and pocketed $105 in about 40 minutes of play...was very happy, as my good cards held up, and my limped blinds hit solid a couple of times, so that was all good. Played a bit more later in the evening, and unfortunately went back to my looser play style and was rewarded with a -$200 to the bankroll. Complete opposite to earlier session....big hands cracked, no respect for my pre-flop raises (4-5 callers...not what you want to see with KK/QQ/JJ). Always seemed to be an A on the flop when I had my solid hands and some donkey would have A4os and win the pot. Suited connectors hit nothing on numerous flops and I found myself playing alot more flops than I should have been. Gotta keep reminding myself to start out tight and get the table image better established before loosening up a bit.

So, I'm back where I started on Sunday at this point. My bankroll sits at exactly $2k...which I now know is exactly 1/2 of what I need for my eye surgery. Jen mentioned socking away the 2k for the surgery, but then I'm back to gambling with family money to try and rebuild the bankroll before Vegas, which is NOT what I want to do....spent too much energy getting to the point of not messing with the house finances to risk that again this close to Christmas and the baby on the way.

BTW, if anyone want to contribute bankroll funds to the building of a future WSOP champion (Alan Michael - WSOP champion 2027), please email me at (mvilla at insight dot rr dot com)....I accept paypal and all forms of checks, cash or livestock...make sure to put 2027 WSOP Champ in the subject line so I respond quickly.

So, I'm going to have to hunker down and risk some of the surgery fund if I hope to A) have cash for Vegas and B) Finance the eye surgery in 2006 through poker money. I do believe my poker game is on an upswing from the last 2 months, so I'm not worried about one bad session....I just need to quit trying to chase players off of hands when I miss a flop with AK or something....just fold and cut my losses rather than trying to beat them off a in NL when you can use your stack to exert pressure, but the min-bets in limit just don't allow for it.

One last note...anyone interested in a Ludwig Vistalite Drumset from the 70s should check out my Ebay auction here ( Thank you in advance.

Enough for now...have to finish up here at work and then pick up some stuff on the way home for the baby.


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