Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Decline of workplace productivity

Played a bit of poker on Titan again last night....tried the $10 rebuy, $3000 guaranteed tourney again. First buyin was busted when my QQ was beaten by 10-10 when he hit a 10 on the river. Rebuy was lost when I caught a K high flush on the turn, got all my chips in and saw the fourth heart hit the river and the pot slide to a shmuck that called an all in with AhQs after missing the flop and turn...I mean...who does that? Did he think his A high was good at that point, or was he gamboooooling on the 4th heart on the river? Amazing. Not sure if I'll play in the rebuy tourney again, as the play is really weird to me in the first hour, as people gamble way too much in rebuy tourneys....pisses me off.

Played some $.50/$1 NL as well....won about $30 over the course of an hour of mostly dead cards...just another step closer to clearing that bonus on Titan, then I can walk away.

Also played a few rounds on UB ($5/10 limit)...picked up $35 over two rounds of cards to speak of, but did bluff a guy out of a small pot with the hammer on a A high board...had raised from the button and then bet at the pot post flop and he folded the $15 pot to me....sweet...but I didn't show it, so bad on me.

And the damn firwall is back up here at work...after a few days of bliss in being able to access all my favorite sites while here at work, they've slapped up the firewall again...bastards.

Last thing, if anyone is going to be in Vegas early, I'm pretty much planning on spending my evenings playing tourney poker as follows...

(Tues/Wed/Thur) 6pm $50 tourney at the Flamingo (no rebuy or add-on)

Fri - noon $100 tourney at the Aladdin (add-on allowed)

If the tourneys don't pan out, I may try a ring game of some kind ($1/2 NL or $5/10 limit) or blackjack. If anyone is there ealy and wants tojoin me, or has other suggestions for turneys, please let me know.


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