Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Poker gods giveth, poker gods taketh away

or Easy come, easy go....

for as hard as the UB RNG hit me on Sunday in the quick $240 win, they reversed course last night in a brutal $230 loss at the same $5/10 limit tables. Played for about an hour last night, mostly folding terrible cards pre-flop, JJ post flop on AKx flops when I was reraised, missed flush and open ended straight draws on cheap flops, and no sets for my mid range pocket pairs. Spent most of the time between -$50-100 before chasing an expensive A high flush draw on what would have been a huge pot if I had won (4 people in to the river and multiple raises...set of 9s on the river ended up taking the pot). My last hand on the table saw me with KK in early position, so I tossed in my raise and saw 3 callers (button and BB)...9-7-2 rainbow flop hits, I bet, button calls and BB folds. 5c hits the turn for 2 clubs on theboard and a potential junk straight possibility, I bet $10 and button calls again....I still feel my KK are good at this point. River brings the Ac, putting 3 clubs on the board now along with the A....I check, feeling that I just got sucked out on, and call the bet from the button...sure enough, he has A9os and caught one of his outs to bust my KK....take my remaining $80 and leave the table....just wasn't my night.

I'm going to take a look at trending some of my poker stats, as my general impression of my play on UB is that I tend to do well the first half of the month, and then struggle more the second half of the month...going to go back and look at my winning/loosing sessions and see if that is true or just a perception I have.

Hoping to play in a home game on Thursday night, as I haven't played live in quite awhile and need some table time before I get to Vegas and look like a complete dweeb. Hopefully I can get everyone at the table to watch me for tells and be honest about them after the game is over so I can work on them prior to's a pretty good group of players, so I'm sure they would be willing to help out...also gives me a chance to pad the bankroll if I get fortunate enough to cash in the game....basically a 1 table SnG for $30...but could be a nice $200 to the good if I play well.

Not much else happening though. Just waiting for the baby to arrive and the Vegas trip in Dec.


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