Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Quick update

Played on Titan last night....quick recap of events...

played in a 6 man $5 SnG - doubled up on the second hand when my 78s saw a flop or 5-6-9 and busted a slow played KK. Caught a couple of additional good hands early and coasted into the final 3 with a chip lead...Other 2 guys tangled and one guy busted, so I'm heads up and we both have 3000 in chips....dead even. We swapped blinds for a few hands, then he called my 4xBB pre-flop raise and we saw a flop of A-9-2, with me holding AA at the time. I checked, he went all in trying to buy the pot with K3os and the rest was academic. $5 becomes $21...wheeee

Played in a 10 man $5 SnG (one of their special SnG...win 5 in a row and get huge cash)...was card dead to start and a couple of players busted quickly...caught QQ in late position and bumped the pot...small stack in BB went all in for about 2/3 of my stack...I called and they had A8s....and of course an A hits the turn for 2/3 of my stack. End up all in a couple of hands later with KJs and fail to improve against 10-10 and I'm out.

Finally - played in the $10 $3000 guaranteed tourney at 9pm...(BTW, I hate rebuy tourneys)....I ended up busting once during the rebuy hour, then bought the add-on at the end ($30 total)....was able to hang on and make it to the money...at one point was in the top 5 in chips, but a couple of short stack beats took some of my chips and the blinds, along with cold cards dropped me quickly in the standings....ended up going all in UTG with Ad9d and getting the BB to call me (equally short stacked) with Q-10os....and then watch in horror as the flop comes 6-Q-Q and I go from ahead in the hand pre-flop to out of the tourney with $30...so I made a little on the evening of 4 hrs of playing....did clear another level of my bonus, so that netted me another $10 to the account.

I'll probably continue to play on Titan for as long as I can play on their $10 of free money (currently standing at $130), mostly playing tourneys and such, as there isn't enough there to risk at stakes enough to get stars to continue the bonus whoring. Hopefully Vegas will be good to my bankroll and I'l be able to come back and clear the existing Titan and FT bonuses I have sitting there.

14 days and counting......wheeeeeeee


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