Friday, November 18, 2005

Finally Friday....

Buckeyes at Michigan tomorrow...the Granddaddy of them all in this part of the country. GO BUCKS!!!!!

Played in a local home game Sit-n-Go last night. $30 buy in, 7 players...anyway, down to 4 and I'm below avg stack, get KK on button, UTG (Rookie) raises to 1200 (blinds 200-400), I reraise to 3k. blinds fold and he calls. Flop hits A,7,9. He fires out a 4200 bet. I had about 5000 at this point, so I'm basically all in if I call...what do you do here?????

my gut put him on a weak A and he was trying to protect it with the large bet, knowing I would be all in to call. After counting down my stack, I was sorely tempted to call, but my gut was screaming that I was behind so I finally folded the hand. He smiled and turned over 55 for a well earned pot on the bluff. The table looked at me pretty funny for not calling, but my read on him said weak A, so I had to fold.

Game was pretty much dead after that...I made it to final 3 (top 2 paid) and went out on the bubble when the blinds ate my stack....if I had won the hand above, Rookie would have been the short stack by a wide margin and I could have at least made the money...but it was a fun game.

As an added bonus, I asked everyone to watch me for tells during the one came up with anything obvious, so that's a good sign for Vegas....getting lots of advice on where to play and such. I'm probably going to spend most of my first day down at the Bellagio watching the 5 diamond classic going on and try and get some autographs. My cards came in yesterday...two decks of cards, one all As, the other Ad, so that will make for some easy autographs and then a cool display after the trip...hopefully I can get lots of autographs on Tuesday at the Bellagio.

I'll probably limit most of my poker playing to the evening tourneys at the Sahara or wherever there is a low stakes buy in for the night (<$100)...If I do well in a tourney, then I may give it a go at a cash table, but we'll see how it goes. Will also play some BJ and such if the bankroll starts getting thin.

Time for work now...


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