Monday, November 07, 2005

Monday morning - Weekend update

I'm back in my groove again...played a bit of poker last night on UB ($5/10) and took down about $140 in profit on the evening...played tighter than normal (VP$IP = 26%, as opposed to my normal 33%) and the results showed...I was never more than -$20 at the table, was able to bluff at a couple of pots where I reraised from late position with KJs, missed the flop, but was able to take it down with a continuation bet when everyone checked to me. Was nice to see a profit for the night again without struggling against some huge losses. Now, I just have to string together some more wins like that and I'll be in business for Vegas in less than a month (29 days to be exact....wheeeeee).

I also played in the Blogger satellite tourney on FT (busted early when I overplayed KQ with a Q high flop and ran into a slowplayed KK) and also WWdN's tourney on Friday night when the following hand occured....

me - AA on the button, blinds 50/100 and I'm sitting with $2200 I believe)
two players limp in mid position, I raise to 500 to chase out any weak hands and get the SB and one early limpers to call the big I'm guessing someone has high pair (QQ/JJ/1010) or they really like their suited connectors. Flop comes 7-7-2.....checked around to be in the button....what would you do?

I fired in another 500 into the pot....SB calls, mid-position folds and late position goes all in for his 900. I pause for a second, figuring him for the overpair and want to isolate him, so go all in to get the SB out of the pot, and he calls both all ins......WTF is going on....I briefly celebrate my luck at getting a shot to triple up until they flip the AA has run into 67s in the SB (flopped set of 7s) and the late position player has 2-2 (flopped full house) I'm way behind and need an A to get a better FH or I'm out....and of course I miss the 2 outer and am busted from the tourney. Not sure if I over played the hand or just got very unlucky with a flop like that. I'll post this on the RatPack and see what the guys there say...any additional comments welcome.

I also datamined a bunch of hands on FullTilt (after figuring out how to set up the software) if I decided to play NL there, I'll have a good bit of history at those tables...hopefully I can post a profit and clear my remaining bonus over the next couple of weeks and be in better shape for Vegas.

Not much else to speak of...time to get back to work.


At 9:23 AM, Blogger Frank Nagai Jr. said...


I don't think you played the hand wrong, but was this early in an on-line tourney? If so, you can expect all kinds of screwballs.

If either of them had a huge stack, I wouldn't blame them for calling with 67s or 22, but it's a pretty questionable move as a small stack, especially the 67s. The 22 could have at least speculated you had AKs and it was a 49% proposition.

However, when the 772 hit and they both went crazy, that was a tough call, but since you had the chips, how could you walk away?

Just think, if you 3 repeated this hand 99 more times, you'd be victorious at least 60 times, right?


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