Thursday, November 03, 2005

Thursday and time to rant

Something crazy going on in the water or air here in Columbus...I've watched about $400 slide through my fingers the last three days at donkey-rich tables on full-tilt and UB. no respect for pre-flop bets, calling down with bottom pair against a four-flush on the board, cracking my AA with k7os when they hit a 7 on a flop of Q-J-7 and then spike a K on the river...amazing stuff, and very frustrating for me. Definately switching to NL now as I'm tired of getting chased down and need to get my head on straight about limit again...may even take the week/weekend off from poker and go back and read some books to try and readjust...just sad to see all the money going to the idiots on the sites.

Spent two hours playing last night after the girls went to bed and made a measily $45, mostly by catching two hands in a row to dig out from a -$100 session to get positive. Woke up way too early this morning and thought I would give full-tilt a try (still working on clearing that bonus) and watched $300 disappear from my bankroll on some of the stuff above. Watched players playing every hand and running down anything, usually giving their money away at the end of it all. Flopped K high flushes twice only to loose to an A high flush (nice pots both times with 3-4 other players calling down to the river, so I couldn't let them go)...just absolutely retarded poker being played. And I'm not playing badly (IMHO), just can't catch any cards/flops and then get run down but donkeys when I do have a hand.

Bah...after running so well for 4 months, then struggling for the last 30 days....very frustrating, especially in light of the Vegas trip in just over a month...need to get back on track with some winning sessions or I'm going to be headed out there with a roll of quarters and not much else....and that would be very sad indeed.


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