Friday, November 04, 2005

100th post

wow...100 posts for me....hard to believe I've actually stuck with writing pretty regularly on this thing (unlike some others....bruce and fitzy...ya slackers).

Day 1 of no poker ended well for me yesterday...played some games with the girls and had to officiate over a certain 5 year old that has a pretty strong competative streak in her at this age. We were playing chutes & ladders and she had almost made it to the top and she hit a slide down a couple of level...resulting in a crying fit that she wasn't going to win....she won anyway, but we had a long talk about winning not being the important part and that having fun is more important....

wow....sobering thought in regards to poker...have I been having fun playing poker online....I would have to say no. Am i making money overall...well yes, which is the fun part of it. My preference would be to play live alot more often, as the social interaction is what makes the game more fun for me. I'm hoping to start making more local live games now that Jen is home for a few months...especially Bishop's Thursday night games...those are always a blast.

However, will I give up on poker over the internet....heck no...just need to get my groove back and tighten up my play. I did look at some of my stats on PT last night and saw that my % win at showdown has been dismal the last 3 weeks...I do have a tendency to bluff at pots a bit too much when scare cards come up, or chase down pots with AK and such when I don't hit, trying to represent strength...I know I have to tighten up these aspects of my game, especially at limit, as I give away alot of money on these pots. Now, i know that you have to give some action to get action in return, but I think I dive into the deep end way to often and put myself into huge holes to try and dig out of during a session. While my pre-flop play is pretty solid, I have to be more willing to give up on hands where I've missed the flop and not get into a fight over the pot every time. Always learning.....just have to remember when I start playing next week.

I am planning on playing in thw WWdN tourney at 7 tonight on PS, and then on FT on Sunday for the Bloggers tourney in preparation for Vegas in a few weeks. Need to keep my tourney play at some reasonable level for Vegas. Just keep repeating to myself....."fold QQ, fold QQ, fold QQ"

Just had to add this link....funny stuff, thankfully, none of the quotes are from me...


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