Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Wednesday morning

OK, time to do the retrospective on the weekend that I had mentioned the other day in regards to poker...

Spent the weekend trying to get positive for the month...had a string of positive months dating back to June and didn't want to blow it...was up minimally ($150) until friday, when a cold table on UB sucked about $200 from me. So I decided to take advantage of the PokerStars reload and play $5/10 or $1/2 Nl over there...picked up a few hands early on and was back to even for the month until my QQ in early position was run down by a donkey in middle position that called me to the river with AK, catching his K on the river to take down a nice pot.....time for my vent on QQ.

This marked the 4th consecutive hand loosing with QQ for me over the weekend...played in the WWdN tourney on PS friday night...built a nice stack in the early tourney and then found QQ in the BB...3 early limpers all called my 4x BB bet from the blind to see a 7-9-4 rainbow flop. I put in a pot size raise and got one caller...this guy had been playing numerous pots, so I had trouble putting him on a hand...most likely AK or small pair...regardless, I feel I'm strongly ahead at this point. Turn brings a J, so there is a straight if he has 8-10, but I doubt he would call the pre-flop bet and strong flop bet with 8-10, so I fire another pot size bet....he calls now I'm really wondering what I'm up against....did he slow play a set on the flop, or AA/KK (unlikely, as he had been raising with strong hands pre-flop).....a K comes on the river that slows me down a bit, as if he chased down AK, I'm now beat with top pair, or 10-Q now has a straight....Regardless, I fire in a 400 bet to put him all in, which he quickly calls...fearing the worst, I watch as he flips over K-4os to catch the 2 pair on the river with a garbage hand and crippling me in the tourney....he gets razzed from a couple of other players as I steam about the hand...I guess donkeys will call with about anything and chase it to the river....

Played in two additional PS qualifiers for the Bahamas trip....busted out of both of them with QQ, playing them aggressively and running into AA and KK respectively for all my counting the Bahamas trip that I just missed, that's 4 straight tourneys that the ladies have gotten me knocked out of....sigh.

In other news, I'm working on clearing a fulltilt bonus right now as well, so I'll be playing on Fulltilt over the next week or so to clear $100 in bonus well as build my bankroll a bit...played a bit on Monday and was up $75 at the $5/10, so hopefully that trend will continue for the next 5 weeks until Vegas......Vegas baby....Yeah.

Finally got some sleep last night, so I'm feeling human again....those Monday night Steelers games about kill me anymore....need to win the lotto or something so I can retire and live a life of poker and luxury.


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