Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Welcome to November

ugh...very tired this morning....at least the Steelers made staying up that late worth it with a win. Would have sucked to stay up that late only to watch them loose.

Now that I have seperated the poker and family stuff into seperate blogs, I'll get back to the poker stuff. October ended yesterday with the first loosing month for me since May...I had posted positive gains every month (June-Sept) until dropping about $350 for the month of October. Not exactly what I had planned, as I had hoped to starting building a Vegas bankroll for the Dec trip. Looks like I'll have to tighten up and play some better poker in November to make some cash for the trip. Not that there isn't money there, but I would hate to dip into the eye surgery fund and risk not being able to have that done in January.

After watching my limit play get very erratic this past month, I had been considering playing no-limit for awhile and working on improving that game...played about 50 hands last night on UB ($1/2 NL) for about a $50 profit when I played about 5 hands out of the 50...fortunately they held up and I was able to quit in time for the football game with a slight profit. NL definately gets the blood pumping a bit more than limit, as there is a much bigger swing in cash in a single hand...calling a $5 reraise is much different that calling a $20 reraise...I'm going to have to adjust to it. This will also give me an opportunity to work on my pot odds calculations, so that is a good thing.

FullTilt just sent me a reload bonus notification, so I'll probably move my cash off of UB for a week or so and deposit it onto FullTilt to make some bonus cash and work on the NL game. I'll keep you all posted, hopefully I can get on a hot streak and build up the Begas bankroll.



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