Monday, August 22, 2005


Wow...longest delay between posts for me...shame on me.

The last 11 days have been pretty hectic. Spent the day on 8/12 with Jen and the girls at the Ohio State Fair...was very hot, but we stuck it out for about 5 hours, mostly letting the girls see the animals and ride some of the rides. The heat took it out of everyone pretty quick, and we headed home about 5...of course, a quick stop at Graeter's for some ice cream for everyone (except me...gotta stay on the diet) was a nice refresher.

Spent Saturday and Sunday morning at the annual RatPack poker party/picnic. Had a blast playing some live poker and seeing everyone in person. Didn't place in either event, although I can say that when I went outin both tourneys, I was the favorite when the money went into the pot, so that is all I can ask for...If the poker gods want my chips someplace else, then so be it.

The weekend ended on a bit of a sour note, as I took my first major hot at the $10/20 tables on UB...had one of those nights when all my good hands missed the flop, and all of my made hands were beaten. At this point, the only pot I truly remember is loosing a 3-way pot of about $500 total when I see a cheap flop from the SB with A4 spades, catching 2 spades on a Q-4-Q flop. I chesk, next guy bets, and we both call (3 way action). No spade on the turn and I check, guy bets, then a reraise back to me...I call the $40 on my flush draw and the original bettor raises, which we both call. I spike a spade on the river for my nut flush, and I know at least one of the guys has a set of Qs, not sure on the other guy....maybe both have sets....but regardles, I think my nut flush is good here. I bet, get raise and reraised, I cap at $80 and both call....I show my nut flush, but the next guy has Q-4 for a flopped full house...last guy had the 4th Q for his set with AQ. So the full house takes down a huge that we let him see the flop for cheap with Q-4os.....oh well. I proceeded to loose about $900 on that session for my first loss of any kind at the $10/20 tables.

But, the CA air was good to me and I made it all back and then some playing in CA...was able to get an hour or so in each night after we had finished for the day and had dinner. Ended up winning back my $900 plus an extra $250 over the 4 nights in CA, so that erased the sting of the loss very quickly. Add in an extra $400 on Friday night back here in Columbus and I was up about $600 on the week. At this pace, I'll have the money for my eye surgery in a couple of weeks and be able to keep a sizable chunk in the poker account as well.

Spent Saturday hiding in the house due to the heat & humidity, not to mention the lack of sleep from the time change...was up until 2am Friday night and the girls were up way to early. My lovely wife allowed me to sleep until 9, so that helped a bit. Dad surprised us with a vist for dinner that evening, so that was fun for everyone. He headed back home after the girls headed for bed, but it was great to see him for a few hours.

Yesterday I finally got some work done around the house by powerwashing the fence in the backyard. Was amazed at the difference it made, as it looks like we have a new fence now. Hoping to get it waterproofed tonight if the wind stays calm. Definately have to get a powerwasher one of these days, what a great tool to have around the house.

I finished off the day by taking 5th out of 140 in an online freeroll for the WAPT. Was chip leader early, went card dead for the second hour and just played tight through it, then made it to the chip lead again as we got down to the final table. Pushed with a pocket pair (66 I believe) and ended up doubling up JJ and was down to the felt (7000 with blinds at 500-1000)...I proceed to double up twice to get back to around 30k and make it into the top 5. My luck runs out when I push 77 from the BB and get called by AK, only to watch a flop of AKQ...I have outs after the turn as I have a spade and there are three more on the board, but I miss the 4th spade or a 7 and get knocked out in 5th. Collected a grand total of $13.25 for the effort...course, first only paid $75, so no huge money for stake in the freeroll. I do get some points in the player rankings after missing the last few tourneys and falling to 6th overall.

Anyway, time to get to work now....ttfn.


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