Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Wednesday morning time flies these days.

The family reunion in PA went well this last weekend. Really enjoyed seeing all of my cousins, aunt, uncles and everyone in PA for the day. Was a long day for us, as we spent 10 hrs in the car travelling to PA and back for about 4 hrs of a reunion....what a day. Unfortunately, mom decided to spend about 2 hrs taking my brothers dog back to her house during the middle of the reunion, so there was no opportunity to talk about the pending divorce between her and dad. At this point, I don't think we'll ever sit down and discuss the issues that have been building over the past 8 months, she seems content with alienating herself from the family, and I guess I'm coming to terms with that.

Travelled to VA fr the day on Monday for business...was a busy day, but uneventful for the most part.

I did get some online poker in last night after the girls went to bed...played about 170 hands on UB, stepping up to $10/20 limit to see what would happen....Surprisingly, there were players that played much looser than I expected, calling down Axx flops with third pair, flops with 4 flushes and them missing the right suit, etc. As such, I was unable to steal a couple of pots that most players would have folded out on and struggled to stay the end of the night, I was up $30, plus another $16 from bonus money from UB. not what I had hoped for after 170 hands, but at one point I was down $400, so I guess building back up to positive was a pretty good thing. I'll probably try the tables again sometime this week and see what the $10/20 feels like again....I was just surprised that it was generally looser than the $5/10.

Otherwise, nothing major going on...planning a trip to CA in a couple of weeks for business. Hoping to find the time to hit the Commerce or Bike again this trip and get some live poker playing under my belt. Will probably pull some bankroll from UB and play a higher limit than 1/2 while I am there, but we'll see how the online game goes between now and then, as I hate to pull money from the account and then have to pay to put it back through Netteller.



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