Wednesday, July 20, 2005

July 20, 2005

Amazing...July 20th already, hard to believe the summer is over half over at this point. I will admit, I am anxious for this summer to end, as it has been unreasonably hot and humid here in centeral Ohio for the past 4 weeks...makes doing anything outside a real pain.

Let's see...what has happened the past couple of days....I dealt NLHE at a charity event on Monday night downtown at the convention center. Was a good time and I made about $40 after paying for parking and such. Hopefully I will be contacted for more dealing gigs in the future, as it is a nice way to be involved with the game and make guaranteed money, as opposed to gambling. The evening started slow, as I sat there for about 45 minutes waiting for players, but once we did, it was a fun evening. All of the players worked together, so there was alot of good natured ribbing, especially as the two lawyers at the table seemed to be catching the cards and cleaning up...was alot of fun.

Jen worked last night, so after getting the girls to bed I was able to play some $5/10 on UB...started out pretty even on a very aggressive table, fluctuation between +25/-25 for about 30 minutes or so, then the bottom fell out of the deck for me...lost about 5 straight hands I played in....I was getting aggressive with second pairs and representing flush or straight draws, and getting called down with top pair/weak kicker, or second pair on a four card flush on the table when they didn't have that suit and I was representing it...was down about $300 at one point, but then made a very nice comback, starting with a flopped full house (J9 suited in the small blind) and a flop of J9J...the hand saw three way action to the end and I raked a very nice $170 pot to get me headed in the right direction for the evening. Caught another big pot when I hit a set of 3s on the flop, made a full boat on the turn, and was able to raise/reraise top pair/top kicker all the way to the end for another $140 pot. From there, just picked up some free money from a guy that pissed away $500 in about 25 stats show that he played 95% of the hands dealt and was calling down almost everything. He was one of the ones that helped build the full boat pots I mentioned above...I was pretty much even by the time we ran him off the table....I will definatly be looking for him again when I get a chance to play again. Anyway, by the end of the night, I was up about $150, so I was very happy to have made the comeback on the table, along with the point bonus releasing another $20 into my account...only $300 more to go in bonus money on UB.

The girls threw a scare at me when I went to bed...Ash was missing from her bed and Danielle's door was closed and locked....I popped the lock and found both of them in Danielle's bed having a sleep-over. Was very cute until Ash fell out of the big bed at 5:30 this morning...scared the crap out of everyone in the house. She seemed to be physical damage or anything...just going to be awhile before she moves to a big bed for herself.

Gioing to try and pick out some paint tonight so I can get ready for my painting projects this next week. Planning on atleast getting the hallway and two bathrooms upstairs painted before Jen and the girls come home nest week. Gotta get back to work now...ttfn.


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