Friday, July 29, 2005

Friday Morning

Wow....what a week, and here I am missing my updating of this page...shame on me.

Let's see....since Monday I've managed to finish painting the upstairs hallway and guest bathroom and even cleaned up what little mess I made. No major paint spillage or holes in walls, so I have to say....mission accomplished. Only remaining rooms to be painted are the guest bedroom, downstairs bathroom and master bathroom. I have the paint for the masterbathroom, and will probably use it for the downstairs bathroom, so that will be easy enough. Hoping to work on some outside improvements this weekend around the family reunion on Sat in PA. Maybe clean and stain the fence in back on Sundy, and get the mower running again.

Played poker over with the usual suspects at Bishop's house last night....while I mae money in both games last week, I lost in both last night...knocked out in 5th in the first game when I my all in with Ac6c gets called by the big stack in the blind with 10c7c...he spikes a 7 on the flop and I don't improve. Make it to the final two in the second game as a huge short stack, he refuses to split and I call his all in with 6c7c against his 55...of course he hits a 5 on the flop and I'm essentially drawing dead. Was a very fun evening, punctuated by Grasshopper working very hard to get knocked out of game 2 only to see her double up 3 times and knock out 3 players before she finally gets knocked out by the new guy (Jay) who ends up winning the second game. Hoping to play some poker tonight on UB to try and win some of the free stuff they are giving away, as well as to try and pick up $65 dollars to break even for the month on the $5/10 and $4/8 tables.

Jen and the girls are headed back today YEAH...I'm really missing them all and I know Bandit will be happy to escape the daily crate time he has had to endure this past week. Can't wait to see the tans on the girls and hear about all the fun they had while in Toledo.

Back to work now....have a great weekend.


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