Friday, August 05, 2005

Finally Friday

Well...I have to vent since I said I would last night....

Sir suckout won the first game, as he built a huge chip lead earlyand thwarted my efforts to double up on AK against his A7 when hesucked out a 7 on the river to knock me out. Went on to pretty muchrun over the table and collect the pot for the first game.

Second game was pretty crazy....lots of huge raises early andaggressive play by all. I know I put Jay on a bit of a tilt when myA-10 took down his A-9 when we both missed the board and I out kickedhim for a good pot. I can't remember the hand i took him out on, butI know when all was said and done, we were both all in with the exact same chip count and I took the hand....he seemed pretty upset when hecounted out his stack and I took exactly every chip.

Ended upRookie, Ice and i as the final three...I think Rookie took out Ice(can't remember for sure) and left Rookie and i heads up....initially he has the chip lead and we pass blinds back and forth...I catch up by taking some blinds and smaller pots to get pretty even...I catch a fairly nice pot to get a small chip lead on him when I pick up 10-10 and he comes over my $5000 raise (blinds 1200-2400) for his stack, I call and he shows me Ice's favorite hand (85os)...He flops a 5 and then catches an 8 on the river to double up and put me on hand he goes all in preflop with AJos and I call with24os (i know, I know....we were even stacked at ths point, but I was steaming from the last hand) and I fail to catch anything while he catches a J on the river to take the second game.

All in all not some of my best poker playing for the night...but Ihad a great time as usual and hope to get back to the game in acouple of weeks after some travel for work....85os.....sheesh.....Thanks Ice for convincing everyone to play your favorite hand.

In other news, looking forward to a trip to Toledo this weekend to see my Dad's side of the family for the annual reunion. Then Dad, jena nd I are headed to the Toledo rib-off for some ribs in the afternoon before heading back to Columbus tomorrow night. I think Sunday has been designated as a Work Day around the house...hopefully cleaning up the garage a bit and maybe some more painting in the bathrooms...I should be able to kick out our bathroom Sunday afternoon with no trouble.

Not much else going on...ttfn.


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