Monday, July 25, 2005

July 25, 2005

What a weekend...huge shout to all the gang that hung out for part or all of the weekend. I know I had a great time, hope you did as is a quick recap for those that didn't show up...

- 2 bottles of tequilla
- 1 bottle of Jagermeister
- Games played: Zombies (won by me), Rage (Shep, Settlers of Cataan (Shane), Poker (Tom 'no bluff' Wood)
- 2 bags of pretzels
- 3 pizzas
- 1 car battery
- 5 slabs of ribs
- unknown cups of bud light

....good times, good times......

So it's back to the grind now at work...proceeded to come in a little late due to my alarm still being set for 9am on Sat. Thankfully Bandit woke me up to go out at 7:10, so I wasn't extremely late today. Looks like a quiet day at work. Have to head home for lunch to let Bandit out, then mught go see the house in Pataskala again and then head over to Lowe's to pick up paint for the bathrooms upstairs and get started on prepping them tonight, along with painting the hallway as well tonight I hope.

Later all.


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