Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Beware...poker post for today

so...you've been warned.

Played a bit of poker last night on UB...$5/10 limit and cleared about $100 over an hour or so. Was able to win a couple of hands right off the bat, playing A-10 in the BB on my first hand against a raise from the button...called him until the turn and then re-raised him and he folded...I had him on a steal and it was a ragged flop, so I took the shot...he thought for a second and then folded, so I'm up about $40 after one hand. Pick up a couple of more hands that orbit and ended the first trip around the table up about $100. Played tight for the next orbit as the deck started handing me 72os every other hand and nothing better in between. Had QQ beaten twice (KK one hand and Ax on another when an A hit the turn)...was able to minimize the losses to some extent, ended the session after about 100 hands with $100 to the good and about $7 extra in bonus bucks.

I watched some more $10/20 limit afterwards and am still amazed about how loose that game seems to be on UB....now, I'm basing it on playing one session and watching 2 others, but when 50% of the table is calling pre-flop raises and seeing flops, I would consider it a loose table....I might give it another try later this week and see if I can pop my bankroll real quick to finance the trip to CA next week....btw, any bloggers out there that frequent the LA casinos (Bike, Commerce, etc) drop me a line and I can try and meet up with you while in CA next week. I've played one session at Commerce ($1/2 limit) and was impressed with the casino, but not the game...I hate playing no fold-em hold em at the low limits. Planning on taking a bit more cash with me this time so I can take a stab at either a no limit table ($1/2) or a higher limit table ($5/10 even). I'll probably only be able to swing one night down to the casinos during the trip, so I'll try and make the most of it.

On the flip side, I'm hoping for a good showing at the RatPack annual picnic/poker game this weekend...would like to use any winnings from that tourney to roll-over into the CA trip and maybe get a chance to play some serious stakes poker for 'free'...that would be cool. Any suggestions from any CA readers on which place to hit? I'm planning on the Bike this trip, just to see a different casino and possibly sit in on the live internet game.

So...why would $10/20 be a looser game than $5/10...any theories out there?

Thanks for reading...take care.


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