Monday, August 08, 2005

Monday again

Had a busy weekend, no poker to speak of since the game from last Thursday...watched some high stakes play (300-600 limit) on UB...crazy heads-up action, watching guys with excess of 100k throwing pots back and forth.

Spent Saturday in Toledo,OH at the annual family reunion for my grandmother's family. Was nice seeing some of the aunts and uncles again, as I pretty much only get to see them at the reunion and at Christmas anymore. The girls had some fun looking at turtles and frogs in the pond in the park, but otherwise was not much for them to do at the reunion. Dropped the girls off at Mary's for an afternoon of swimming and such while Jen and I joined Dad at the Toledo Rib-Off. Was a little toasty, but the ribs were good and the beer was cold....not to mention some of the young ladies walking around in next to nothing. I really hope fashions change between now and when I have to worry about Danielle & Ashley wearing clothes like that....I know that won't happen, but a father has to hope. The best ribs were from a group called "Texas Outlaws"...huge tender ribs with a nice, tangy sauce with just a bit of bite to it. Could have eaten a huge slab of them, but we had to finish them off, get Jen her funnel cake and then head across town to get the girls and head home. Was nice to spend some time with Dad though.

Spent the day yesterday working around the house....painted our bathroom, installed a new garbage disposal, finished Danielle's toy chest and took down Ashley's crib....all sanwiched around trying to keep the girls happy while Jen worked at organizing the garage....and I have to say she did a hell of a job. Now that I can get to some things, I'm going to work on getting rid of the old computer, microwave, etc and clear out some more space, as well as organize the tool chest and such again so I can find what I need when I need it. This weekend will be more of the same, as I hope to power wash the fense and restain/waterproof it, as it's starting to turn green in a couple of places....hopefully the weather will hang for nest weekend.

Back to poker...I'm thinking of playing in the RGP challenge events starting tonight on FullTilt ( Series of $10 buy-in events across numerous formats (HLHE, Omaha, Razz, etc) over then next few weeks....kind of a online WSOP. Start at 10pm, so that's a bit late for me...will see how tonight goes and then decide from there....may work out well next week while I'm in CA though to hit a couple of events.

meeting time now...later.


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